Gambia: Yahya Jammeh Labels All Jolas In The Fonis As Witches


His Excellency, Sheikh, Conqueror of the River Gambia, Slave Owner of all Jolas living in Foni, Fake Professor, Babilimansa, Child Molester-In-Chief, Domi Haram -In-Chief, Yahya Abdul Aziz James Jammeh told all Jolas in the Foni’s that they were fucking witches according to his words. He was speaking at Sibanor as part of his “Have Sex with the youngest and most light skin girls tour” of The Gambia. He promised to return and will reveal all the witches. Watching him on GRTS yesterday, I could not stop laughing, but just said to myself here we go again. On screen, Jammeh looks like an alien with the ratah toi returning as if to say it was 1994 all over again. The pictures speaks a million words and this creature has been denial about his health for the longest time, now the demons are falling.

Because of his ailing health, he wants to use to victimize the Jolas and call them witches. Gambians still remember the concoctions that killed a lot of people a few years ago. Those that Jammeh presumed to be witches after the death of his Aunt. It is funny because his Aunt was pregnant and tried to abort the baby and died, but Jammeh blamed the witches. His Aunt was married and was impregnated by another Man in Kanilai during Jammeh’s sex parties was a God fearing Muslim, what world is Yahya Jammeh living in? A world of fear and he will always live that life until the Day for all the atrocities he has done to our people.

Two days ago, the Police Intervention Unit and his junglars rounded up a number of youths from Kartong accusing them of disturbing the Peace. Those youths are still unaccounted for and the youth population is prepared to mount civil disobedience demonstrations in the next few days if their compatriots are not released right away as one prominent youth leader has confided in me.

Gambians must not blame the Jolas for anything except for bearing this ugly creature, monster and rapist. There is no other Jola like this stupid ass and he has victimized Jolas more than any other tribe. You don’t have to travel to Kanilai to know how many Jolas he murdered or how many he beheaded and threw in wells, just go to Bundung and the answers are there. We here in The Gambia can hear you and we agree, the jackass MUST go.

Thank you.


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