Gambia: We The Youths Will STOP Jammeh’s Terror Machine On Our Peaceful Citizens!


Jammeh does not have the monopoly over violence. For 21 years, we let Jammeh use his terror machine to illegally arrest, torture, imprison and kill simply because we are a peaceful law abiding people. It is now time to show Jammeh that we can also be violent and can unleash terror on his bullish officers.

IGP SONKO NEWWe are hereby giving the security officers a last WARNING. Our warnings specially goes to the PIU, the NIA and the Police officers operating on behalf of Yaya Jammeh’s unconstitutional orders.

We are hereby asking you to STOP carrying out illegal orders from your bosses. It is illegal to arrest without warrant. It is illegal to torture people. It is illegal to deny food and medical attention to those arrested. All of these actions, you carry out are against our constitution. Since you prefer to carry out all these unconstitutional orders from your bosses, we the youth will consider you our number one enemies enabling illegality. We will start to RETALIATE on your persons first and your properties next. Until and unless you taste the bitterness of your actions on yourselves, you will not STOP going against the laws of the land. We warn you to STOP the illegal arrest of our citizens who are only exercising their constitutional rights. If you don’t STOP then we will do unto you what you do unto us.

It is time for you to TASTE our anger and disgust.

  • We know where you live and we will retaliate.
  • We know where your properties are and we will …..
  • We know where Yaya Jammeh’s properties are and we will……

You have push us against the wall, therefor it our human and God given right to start protecting ourselves and show you that who feels it knows. We are tired of reporting you to the Human Rights NGOs on your breaking the laws of the constitution. We are tired of taking you to your kangaroo courts only to be denied justice.

For 21 year, we are the only ones feeling your tortures, arrests and bullying now is the time for you to feel insecure, sleepless and restless. It is now your turn for your families to start feeling insecure and to understand that what you are doing is WRONG and illegal. You called for it, we the youth will respond adequately in due course.

From now on we will defend ourselves by making sure you taste the same hard feelings and pains you inflict on us. Since we cannot readily get Yaya Jammeh’s person, we will start with you FIRST. We will deal with you, we will terrorize you and your families, we will deny them peace, and we will instill FEAR in them.

We are tired of crying and fleeing; our parents are tired of crying and spending moneys on lawyers and marabous. We sick and tired of your harassments, your illegal arrests at night all of it against the constitution.

From now on we will show that you do not have MONOPOLY over violence. You call for it and we will RESPOND to it.

Just watch the few coming days and you will know that we will NOT accept your violence on the youths of this country any longer.

We have prepared a hand note of guerrilla warfare tactics, which we will apply henceforth.

Since we cannot get Yaya Jammeh’s person, since Jammeh will never come in our neighborhoods to personally effect arrest and torture, we will go after his properties and deny him the benefits thereof.

 We the youths want you to remember and take the following statement seriously:

“We are not SCARED to die in the Sahara desert and the rough seas of the back-way to Europe, then how dare you think that we the youth are scared of DEATH. The only difference between the back-way risk and we what we will do on the ground is that this time around we will DIE fighting for our human, godly and constitutional rights in our country.”

We will show the officers carrying out Jammeh’s illegal orders what time it is before we get to Jammeh. Just watch.

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