Gambia: A Rejoinder: Bakary K Jammeh Is Mr Arrogant!


Kindly allow me space in your esteemed medium to put a rejoinder on the Bakary K Jammeh report. The first thing I want to say first is that your article is on point, he is the most arrogant man in this country. He abuses power and authority in broad day light and no one dares challenge him because he is the brother of a Minister and an errand boy for President Jammeh.

Bakary Jammeh has no credibility. He has broken his own family and created a lot of problems inside their own useless APRC party. He rules and divide and is the same thing he do in the football side.

Another thing he is good at is promoting his eco-tourism business that he has in Niamina instead of the tourism authority which sends him abroad. Even if he has to help a Gambian to get anything in the Tourism Development area, he does not do it for free.

In the article there is mentioned of 250,000 dollars that the GFF received from FIFA, the correct number is One million dollars a year and this money is used for travelling for him and Lamin Kaba Bajo. The two of them will even fly to Senegal and put the players on the road every time. This is The Gambia where you just have to sing and dance to Yahya Jammeh music.

Also about Elton, he ran in to the ground. I can tell you that up to this day he does not talk to Edi Jobe. He is married to Edi Jobe’s sister. That is the kind of person, he is very arrogant and nobody in this country will tell you otherwise.

Finally, let me tell you that the Youths of Kartong are listening to you and they appreciate the support.

Thank you for your attention.

Written By An Insider

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