Gambia: Yahya Jammeh’s New Propaganda Man, Bakary K Jammeh!


Bakary K Jammeh is a top Tourism officer in The Gambia, who has frequented Europe, convincing tourists that all the information being peddled about President Jammeh by the online media are lies. He labels online media journalists in the Diaspora and those in the Diaspora opposing Jammeh’s rogue regime, where his own brother is a Minister, as thugs and unpatriotic citizens.

For Mr. Bakary Jammeh’s information, Diasporans can wear that Badge with great pride because none of us have stolen from Elton in the first place. That’s for starters! For an idiot like this nobody who threatens people with the fact that he is close to President Jammeh, once thinks he will ask himself about how Lang Tombong Tamba lasted, but he is busy telling people whoever tries to undermine the Gambia Football Federation; you will live to regret it, a quote inherited from his gangster President. Really?

Bakary K Jammeh is a top official of the GFF and as much as he runs his mouth for Yahya Jammeh, he should tell the world how much is he and Kaba Bajo, are using per diems from the 250,000 US Dollars that FIFA is sending to The Gambia for football development. That’s One Million dollars a year and since they came into office, they still have not shown the people where the money is going, and this was the same thing he himself in particular accused Seedy Kinteh of. Where is the transparency your Minister brother Alieu Jammeh talks about? All you two have done, is manipulating and destroying our society.

Bakary K Jammeh wants to use tribalism in sports. Your President may have succeeded, but you will not and remember the day of reckoning is very, very close when people like you will answer to the many crimes against humanity and murders you abetted Yahya Jammeh in.



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