Gambia: Gambian Dictator Yahya Jammeh Escapes Death After Been Attacked By His Lion!


Days before his departure from Kanilai for his scandalous meet the people tour, Yahya Jammeh almost got killed by one of his lions that was brought from Mali by his Grand marabout, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. This particular lion, said our source, was given to Jammeh, by his marabout, a Malian man, was assigned to communicate and closely monitor the lion. This person mastered the art of giving instructions locally known in the Wollof dialect (jatt) to tame the Lion with special language.

Yahya_Jammeh_SickBeing the traitor that he is and also driven by his eagerness to instill fear among his bodyguards with his new found mystery, Jammeh sacked the Malian keeper after learning all the tricks involved to control the movement of the lion; so he thought, our source intimated. What he failed to realize was that, our source went on “the Malian did not teach him all the secrets when talking to the lion.

In his drive to mystify himself in the presence of his guards, Jammeh went to his zoo, open the lion cage and started giving out instructions to the lion. Jammeh was saved by the bullets of his guards when the lion launched an attack on him. The lion was killed and Jammeh being the coward that he is, got sick and refused to venture out the whole day, our source added.

Lion3“He even wanted to cancel the tour. He is still traumatized by that missed fatal attack. Since then he became ill. Gambians would have been celebrating today, the invincible Jammeh killed by his own lion!,” said a source close to the State House.

A Minister accompanying Yahya Jammeh in his dialogue with the people’s tour, has confirmed the story. The Minister said dictator Jammeh narrowly escaped death.

“Gambians nearly hear in the news that their President has been killed by a lion. Jammeh believes in self-mystification and idol worshiping. He brought in a marabout from Mali to his Kanilai villa to teach him how to tame a wild lion spiritually. The goal was to instill fear into his guards so that they would not contemplate overthrowing him. The marabout tutored him and gave him some spiritual concoction. It reached a point that Jammeh felt that he was good to go when it comes to taming the lion. All hell broke loose when the lion attacked Jammeh in the presence of his guards. The lion attempted to chew his belly, but Jammeh ran helter-skelter. His guards open fire on the lion and thereby killing the lion on the spot. Jammeh fell on the ground while he struggled to escape from the lion attack. He even defecated himself. He was in coma for hours before he regained recovery,” said the Minister.

“Yahya Jammeh is a big idiot. He foolishly think that he can tame lions. He nearly kill himself because of his own recklessness. If he had succeeded in taming the lion, he was going to use it to showcase his spiritual powers. But sadly things back fired on him. Jammeh is touring the country with a broken heart. He is completely broken mentally. That I can tell you with absolute certainty,” the Minister added.

According to sources close to the State House, Jammeh is claiming that his fellow Jolla ethic group wanted to kill him by pretending to be a lion, when a human being has transformed himself as a lion. Jammeh couldn’t hide his rage and anger against the Jollas during the tour. He accuses his ethnic group of being witches and wizards. He promised to resume his witch hunting exercise in the Fonis after the tour to clear the place of witches and wizards.

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