Gambia: Gambia’s Sick President To Be Evacuated To Saudi Arabia For Medical Treatment—Amid Potential Power Vacuum In Banjul!


Plans are afoot to evacuate the sick Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. This followed repeated attempts to convince the deranged Kanilai monster to consider flying out to overseas for immediate treatment. Jammeh’s health deteriorated during his dialogue with the people’s tour, when he arrived in Basse. He was rendered unconscious for hours amid fears that the dictator died. But he later recovered—thanks to the intervention of his Syrian medical team.

jammeh sickIt has been gathered that the Saudi government has agreed to receive Mr. Jammeh during the course of his medical treatment in the Arab speaking nation. His Ambassador to Saudi Omar (OG) Sallah has been instrumental in making arraignments for Jammeh’s evacuation.

Mr. Jammeh has been apprehensive about leaving the country largely in fear of being toppled in absentia by the army. There is growing tension within the army and the civil population as Jammeh’s approval ratings has declined tremendously.

Yaha Jammeh came to power in July of 1994, through a coup. He toppled the thirty years Jawara rule. He has since consolidated himself into power. His rule has been characterized by wanton corruption, arrest of political opponents, abduction, torture and killings.

There is likely to be power vacuum in the country while Jammeh is away. Jammeh’s close confidants are debating among themselves about a possible leadership succession while Mr. Jammeh is away. Banjul is tense at this hour. Even though Jammeh haven’t left yet, there is a potential power struggle.

The Gambian dictator is suffering from diabetes two, cancer, migraine, and a terminal disease, which we will not reveal for privacy issues. He has lost weight overtime.

In another development, a Gambian writing to the Freedom Newspaper said: “Hello Pa, congrats to you and your team for taking on the monster, who is calling himself a president. It is reported that Saudi Arabia is accepting Jammeh for medical treatment. Please use you medium to start a campaign to sensitize the Saudis about the monster and murderer they are about to receive.”  

“It has been gathered that The Gambian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mr. O.G Sallah is now in Gambia working out the modalities of Jammeh’s possible evacuation to Saudi Arabia. Gambians should contact the Saudi Foreign Ministry and the Saudi embassies worldwide to make their views known. Saudi Embassy # in UK  2079173000, Saudi Embassy in Canada16132374100 Saudi Embassy Washington  (202) 337-4076, (202) 342-3800. Saudi Ministry of foreign affairs 966114067777-  966114055000. Saudi Embassy in Dakar 221338640140/1,” he said.

A source close to The Gambian Embassy in Saudi Arabi said the State House contacted them last week to help make arraignment for dictator Jammeh to be evacuated in Saudi treatment. The source said Jammeh’s wife was part of those facilitating the evacuation. 

Yahya Jammeh’s late dictator borther Idi Amin of Uganda, died in Saudi Arabia, following years of being in exile. Jammeh is a photocopy of Idi Amin. The duo shared common characteristics. 

As we file this report, Jammeh is still in Banjul. He is yet to leave the country. We will keep you posted with developments.

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