Gambia: Unknown Gunmen Attacked Jammeh’s Convoy In Brikamaba, Before The Attackers Retreated To The Senegalese Border!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians DCC has just returned from the tour and some of us are still at the state house. We entered the Kombos with heavy weapons and we were instructed to surround dictator Jammeh, he is afraid that someone will shoot him. We did not drive slowly like we used to do before, no more BISCUIT throwing. Dictator Jammeh has just blessed all of us by sprinkling us with his spiritual water. It is an understatement to say that this tour was a total failure. It was a disaster, even the little children at the villages are saying that monster Jammeh is thin and his HAFTAN are too big for him. If he removes his body bullet proof the haftan will fall, dictator Jammeh is almost a skeleton in a haftan. Everything that has been reported here about his health is true. DCC reported about his deteriorating health condition since 3 years ago and now he will go 3 days without anyone seeing him and sometime he wet and urinate on himself. It is very serious and at any time he can die and there will be total chaos between Saul Badjie, Musa Savage, Borra Colley and monster Jammeh’s family members. Saul Badjie is on standby and he is untouchable, Musa Savage for now is loyal to dictator Jammeh, Borra Colley is a crazy 8 and can be on any side, and finally Ansumana and other people within monster Jammeh’s family have been promised that they are the next president. Unknown to many Gambians, state house is very tense and at any time anything can happen, TIME WILL TELL.

The tour has been a total failure and monster Jammeh skipped many key towns and villages for a reason only known to DCC and people close to the tour. Besides his poor health, there was an event that happened at the Brikamaba forest park that interfered with the tour. DCC is still reminding Gambians what happened in December 2014 is still not over. And we will say it one more time, IT IS NOT OVER. For those of you who listened to dictator Jammeh’s speech at Soma he mentioned that he is not happy with the people of Brikamaba. Our boss Pa Nderry Mbai please get the clip from GRTS and you will hear dictator Jammeh insulting the people of Brikamaba at the Soma meeting. DCC knows why, and monster Jammeh knows why too. Dictator Jammeh’s advance team who left Basse a day before face and exchange fire with a group of armed men in the Brikamaba forest. DCC cannot share a lot on this but this is one of the other reason why dictator Jammeh could not depart Basse and canceled many tours in that region. This is why he refused to attend the meeting at Basse, he was sick but it was not very serious. The following morning he was supposed to attend a meeting at Gambisara and he refused to go because he was advised that the town is very close to the border and he was afraid to go. If you have any family member in Gambisara just call and ask, they killed 5 bulls and cooked and monster Jammeh was afraid to attend the meeting. Since monster Jammeh do not know where this group of armed people are coming from, he started insulting and attacking Senegal. A DCC agent was present when he mentioned that Senegal is behind this group and supporting them. Again we cannot report too much on this but TIME WILL TELL. 

Dictator Jammeh canceled a lot of meetings, even the people of Kwinala were surprised when he jump their village and went straight to Kalaji. He also for now canceled the meeting he was supposed to have at Brikama, unless he changes the schedule again , on Monday a meeting is scheduled at Gunjur. But DCC strongly believes that the Gunjur meeting will be cancelled due to the problem that happened at Kartong. Speaking of Kartong more than 80 people are still detained at various police stations such as Sanyang, Tujereng, Old Yundum, Tanji, etc, etc. This problem will escalate, too many people are under arrest. This is different from the people who are already detained at MILE-2. Dictator Jammeh has issued out directives that anyone who is mentioned should be arrested but he fails to understand that the GAMBIAN PEOPLE are not AFRAID of him. For the PIU officers, soldiers and anyone who is abetting and helping with monster Jammeh you are being monitored. DCC knows everyone who is involved on the arrest and torture of the Kartong people. Monster Jammeh will turn around and blame ” YOU”. Write this down. As we speak dictator Jammeh wants to blame and sacrifice the people of National Environment Agency ( NEA). Dictator Jammeh knows that he and Ansumana Jammeh are the ones who are conducting and benefiting from the Kartong mining. Ansumana is the managing director for the illegal mining and DCC is warning him, we know everything that you are doing. Dictactor Jammeh is trying to wash his hands and will blame Ansumana and NEA. There are a lot of elderly people detained at the various police stations. And write this down, dictator Jammeh will blame others for this and pretend that he do not know anything about what happened. This is dictator Jammeh’s at his best, divide and rule and point fingers at other people. Dictator Jammeh may also instigate fighting because he knows that it is over for him and he will start a fire so that others will down with him. Dictator Jammeh knows that the people of West Coast Region are very angry at him, he has taken all their land, gardens, fishing places and even prayer places. 

Fellow Gambians during dictator Jammeh’s son’s birthday, millions of dalasis were wasted. Devil Zeinab who do not come to Kanilai even came and attended Muhammed’s birthday. Since the people of Senegal are now aware of what is happening in the Gambia, now dictator Jammeh has befriended Nigerian comedians, actors, and musicians. Whilst the majority of Gambians cannot afford to eat twice a day, dictator Jammeh gave a lot of money to these Nigerians. DCC was present at the event, and ministers and government officials were once again shocked as why dictator Jammeh gave millions to these Nigerians. Even dictator Jammeh’s mother’s compound are not eating as they used to, he does not have money as before but he is still giving money out . Dictator Jammeh is the one who purchased these people’s air ticket, hotel, food and they were provided with special high class cars. The Nigerians left with a lot of money. Even the dress of Muhammed and devil Zeinab cost a lot. Devil Zeinab made a special trip to France whilst she was in Morocco. Devil Zeinab do you want to deny this, DCC is with you, do you want to deny that even the bad thing that happened in Paris almost met you there, did you not leave the shopping area in Paris and after three hours this bad thing happen, do you want to deny this devil Zeinab. You can run but you cannot hide, you can change your route and DCC will still know. . 

Dictator will soon start lying and promise Gambians the moon and the sky. Did monster Jammeh not say that Gambia will look like Dubai in 2015, is 2015 not over. Before the 2016 election dictator Jammeh will promise Gambians a lot of things, he will even go to the extent of mentioning that there will be free University Education, he will give free land to many people, LOOK FOR FREE THINGS FROM DICTATOR JAMMEH, it is all in the NAME OF BEING RE-ELECTED IN 2016. Dictator Jammeh is completely confused too, he is still seeing Edward Singhateh and a reliable DCC agent saw Peter Singhateh too, dictator Jammeh will not give up on this plan. 

Fellow Gambians, as the 2016 election is getting closer, DCC is warning people in the diaspora to exercise vigilance and to not trust anyone. Dictator Jammeh and his APRC supporters will do anything to stay in power. But it is over and they know that. The new SG will not last, Sabally was in Kanilai and our agent met him. When freedom reported that Sabally may be the next SG, dictator Jammeh changed his mind. DCC is anticipating that monster Jammeh will not go to Saudi Arabia since Freedom already mentioned it. But he has no choice, if not his sickness will get him soon. He is seriously SICK.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs. 

Written By The Soldier

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