Gambia: Gambian President Suspends His Nationwide Tour, Amid Poor Health Condition!


Gambia’s autocratic dictator Yahya Jammeh has suspended his dialogue with the people’s tour with immediate effect, due to poor health condition, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  Mr. Jammeh arrived in Banjul today, amid an ongoing plans to evacuate him to Saudi Arabia for further medical attention. Mr. Jammeh is suffering from diabetes two, migraine, cancer and a terminal disease, which we cannot disclose for health privacy reasons. Jammeh has lost weight overtime. His health condition has been worsening during the tour. He was rendered unconscious in Basse to a point that Jammeh defecated himself. His Syrian medical team accompanying him during the tour saved his life.

The news of the suspension of Jammeh’s tour was announced on state media on Saturday. The statement urged the general public to accord the sick Gambian dictator a rousing welcome, upon his arrival in the Greater Banjul Area.  There were few people in the streets to welcome the locally and internationally isolated Gambian despot.

As rightly reported by this medium last week, Jammeh’s poor health couldn’t permit him to continue with the tour. A Minister, who is part of Jammeh’s entourage, said the dictator complains about fatigue, constant sweat, headache, and in some occasion stomach pain.

“As I told you last week, Pa Nderry, Yahya Jammeh’s poor health wouldn’t allow him to proceed with the tour. He was likely drop dead if he hasn’t discontinued the tour. He was trying to be stubborn, but thank God, he is coming back to his senses. We are on the verge of convincing him, to seek medical treatment in Saudi. I met his Ambassador OG Sallah, the other day.  We are all worried. It doesn’t look like Jammeh is going to make it.  Apart from the country’s economic and political problems, Jammeh is fighting for his life. He is seriously ill,” said the Minister.

“There is a power struggle here. General Badjie and co are on standby. If Jammeh succumbs to his death, the army is going to take over the country. There are different factions bracing up for the demise of Jammeh. Everyone here is eagerly awaiting for his departure from the country. As we speak, the tour has been suspended until further notice. There was no serious tour in my opinion. Jammeh constantly sleeps during the tour. He has also partly lost his mind. His speeches half of the time lacks coherence. Jammeh rambles a lot,” the Minister added.

Another entourage member of Jammeh’s delegation told this medium that Jammeh was fed with an intelligence during the tour that he was being tracked by some mercenaries. “The information was deliberately distorted by Jammeh’s trusted security aides in an attempt to further scare the dictator. A reinforcement was sent from Banjul to beef up Jammeh’s security,” our source added.

Mr. Jammeh is yet to leave the country. He is still in Banjul. We will keep you posted with development.

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