Gambia: Gambian President Ordered For The Immediate Release Of The Detained Kartong Environmental Protesters—Amid An International Outcry!


Amid local and international pressure to release the protesting Kartong environmental activists, dictator Yahya Jammeh has finally succumbed to pressure by ordering for release of the detainees, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jammeh issued the directive for the immediate release of detainees during a meeting he held in Kartong yesterday, where he addressed villagers as part of his dialogue with the people tour. Kartong residents are in a jubilant mood.  The entire village is rejoicing over Jammeh’s so called political gesture extended to their detained loved ones.

As rightly predicted by this medium, Jammeh has once again confirmed our reportage that he was going to use the miseries and agonies of the detained Kartong youths to score a political point. Jammeh has done it! He has ordered for the release of all Kartong residents, who were arrested in connection with the illegal sand mining protest organized by the village youths.  Jammeh instructed the police to release the detainees latest on Tuesday morning.  He also used the occasion to call for respect for the rule of law.

Jammeh’s order could not be executed on Monday due to the late notice, hence parents have been asked to report to the police to receive their loved ones on Tuesday.  Both the police and the NIA were involved in the operation to arrest the Kartong youths.

The arrested Kartong youths were due to appear in court on Tuesday. Lawyer Lamin Mboge and Lamin Darboe have been retained as their defense lawyers.

In view of Jammeh’s verbal executive directive, Tuesday’s court hearing has been differed. Jammeh has ordered for all charges filed against the youths of Kartong to be dropped. The detainees would be released on Tuesday. 

Meanwhile, one of the wounded arrested youths is being held at the Brikama police station. He was tortured together with other detainees during police NIA interrogations. The released youths would be going home with their torture stories. They were mercilessly tortured by Jammeh’s rogue security agents.  

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