Gambia: Kartong Youth Release And Forex Micromanaging By Jammeh!


Ah! No, no, no… Mr. Jammeh, you should now COMPENSATE the youths for being tortured, footing medical bills, legal fees and transportation costs of parents going around looking for loved ones. YES Mr. JAMMEH, you SHOULD PAY damages as well.

After paying the said compensations, you should immediately STOP the sand mining activities until the AMBIGUITIES are resolved.

Finally you should also STOP all sand mining activities throughout the Kombo Coastal Area until the environmental and revenue matters are SORTED out.

Failing which, you are breaking the laws of land and as such calling for more TROUBLE.

The Climate Change meeting going on in Paris right now should open your eyes and minds to the environmental impacts which supersedes any financial benefits.

On the forex front, Jammeh issued a directive since last October to have the local banks list out the names and companies shipping forex to pay for foreign transactions. Jammeh is effectively monitoring who ships what and for what purpose. Jammeh is effectively doing the job of the Central Bank. As such, since Jammeh is sick and does not work and is busy on his political propaganda tour has NO TIME to clear files on his table hence the STOPPAGE of forex shipments rendering congestions at the ports, demurrages charges accruing at the port, transportation and labor movements at a standstill, ALL of which will increase the prices of goods and services for the consumers.

Jammeh’s micro-managing the forex is costing the country a lot.

Over to you… Thanks.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang

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