Gambia: Kobe Bryant, Is The Jordan Of Our Time-A Farewell From Freedom Sports!


Basketball legend and world star Kobe Bryant, would be greatly missed by his fans worldwide after announcing his retirement from the game, Freedom Newspaper sports column can report. Mr. Bryant’s career with Lakers would come to an end after this year’s NBA basketball season. Bryant, made the historic announcement at a news conference in LA, where he explained the circumstances which necessitated his decision to call it quits with Lakers and the game of basket.

KobeBryant, was drafted into the NBA from High School.  He was first drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, and later traded with the Lakers, where he emerged from a rookie basketball player to a superstar. Mr. Bryant, has won five rings since joining the game twenty years ago.

Speaking to reporters at a news conference witnessed by his Lakers management, team members, fans and family members, the Philadelphia born native, said his decision to quit the game was not motivated by an outside influence. He said the whole issue was an internal affair; hence when the time came for him to approach his management team at Lakers, he wasted no time in conveying his desire to quit the game.

Mr. Bryant, looks up to Michael Jordan as his role model in the game. He is not sure what the future holds for him after retiring from the NBA, but Kobe told journalists that he was ready to move on with his life. He thanked the people of LA, particularly Lakers, for having paved the way for him to realize his skills in the game of basketball.  

Kobe’s announcement to quit the game sparked national reaction here. NBA basketball commentators and analysts weighed in to pay their tribute to Kobe Bryant, for his role in advancing the game of basketball. Even though Kobe has not reached the level of Michael Jordan, the majority of the analysts agreed that his legacy is here to stay because Bryant is a photocopy of Jordan in terms of game excellence—given his past track record in the game.

Kobe 1In a particular game, Bryant scored over eighty one points. This was the highest score record in the history of the NBA.  His colleagues in the game even acknowledged Bryant’s success story as far as the game of basketball is concerned.

Mr. Kobe Bryant, has sixty more games to play before he would retire from the NBA. His performance in this year’s NBA game is not one of the best compared to his past games. Analysts opine that Kobe’s performance decline has to do with the past injuries he sustained. Other analysts said Kobe is aging and as such his productivity on the pitch has declined dramatically.

It is important to note that Lakers had a bunch of young new players this year. It would take some time before the new players’ game chemistry and that of Kobe would matched. But that’s not an excuse for the team’s poor performance.

We join the world in congratulating Kobe Bryant for his landmark success story in the game of basketball. Kobe, we are proud of you.  Keep it up brother!

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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