Gambia: Gambian Dictator Vows To Kill Troublemakers In The Country; As He “Pardons” Kartong Youths After Branding Them As Hooligans!


Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh has said that the people of Kartong “are not the owners of the sand along their beach side and have no right stop mining in the area or execute any form of police duties.” Jammeh vowed to crush indiscipline in the country. He also vowed to kill troublemakers through spiritual means, while banking on God’s divine intervention. He warns that those bent on causing trouble in the country, will not live long, as he brags that no NIA officer, no police, or soldier would be dealing with future troublemakers. God will take care of the rest, Jammeh said in an apparent desperation to scare the growing militant masses. The dictator made the threat during a meeting he addressed in Kartong on Monday.

Speaking in the Mandingka dialect before a Wollof interpreter Momodou Joof, Jammeh deplored the actions of the Kartong youths for stoning at the sand mining truckers. Jammeh warns that the conduct of the youths was not only reprehensible, but provocative. He stressed that his government will not condone any form of hooliganism. He strongly criticized the conduct of the Kartong environmental protesters before announcing to pardon them.

“There was no justification in your rudely behavior. You have no right to stone at people’s trucks. You said your action was motivated by environmental protection and preservation, and yet you can allow other truckers to dump waste along the beachside. How hypocritical can you be? I will not tolerate indiscipline in this country.  Be forewarned,” Jammeh said.

Jammeh owns the trucks that were stoned at in Kartong. One of his distant relatives Lamin Jammeh, a Councillor, has been assigned to oversee Jammeh’s sand mining activities in Kartong.  Lamin Jammeh works with Ansumana Jammeh, a close relative of Yahya Jammeh to mine sand in the area.

Addressing a poorly attended rally in Kartong, Jammeh warned the residents of the area to take their time next before resorting to vandalizing people’s trucks along the beachside. He maintained that the sand mining should carry on and that any attempt to interfere with the mining would be crushed.

“There are laws in this country. Living along the sea side, doesn’t mean that you own the place. If you notice any unusual activity in the area, you should take your time to find out from the right source before taking the law into your own hands.  You report your grievances to the police. In fact, you don’t own the beach. Arrogance and rudeness will not be tolerated in this country.  Rude people will not live long in this country. You have no right to stone at people’s trucks. The Ndogos who stoned at the trucks are hypocrites and bandits. They protested against sand mining, and yet they condoned others to dump waste along the beach,” Jammeh frowned.

“Those behind this criminal act in Kartong, have been forgiven. As a Muslim, I believe in giving people a second chance. I am instructing the Interior Minister to release them. Let them try it again and see what will happen to them. No NIA, no police, or no soldier will touch them.  I will deal with troublemakers in my own way. God will deal with them. My threat will not fail the test of time. All troublemakers will dance to their own tune. Troublemakers will not live long in this country.  No long life for troublemakers in The Gambia,” Jammeh further threatened.

The confused Kanilai dictator has resorted to issuing death threats against the nation’s youths. He said he will make sure that youths causing trouble will die mysteriously.  He is banking on God to help him eliminate his opponents in the country through spiritual means. Jammeh is no longer relying on his security forces to help him terrorize the populace based on his latest desperate statement. He clearly indicated that he has developed a new game plan to exterminate his opponents.

Regarding the back way syndrome to Europe, Jammeh blamed men folks for not taking care of their families. He also accuses youths of being over ambitious and lacking faith in their own country.

“If you think that by travelling to Europe, will make you rich, you must be fooling yourself. If you think that by travelling to Europe will make to be able to buy nice cars, you must be fooling yourself. You can make it in this country. The sea is here; the forest is here, and the land is here for you to make money.  Last year, I sent my soldiers to find “Neteeh” for me in the bush not far from here. They were able to get five trucks of Neteeh for me. Neeteh is good for your health. There are so many diseases in this country. Neteh can cure so many diseases. Youths can also go to the bush and find Neteeh to make a living. Why using your parents last savings to venture through the back way to Europe? You don’t have to travel to Europe to make it. You can make it in this country,” Jammeh stated.  

Jammeh also accuses Gambian youths of being lazy.  He said many a time old women would be working on the farm, when their grown up kids spent the entire day sleeping.  He said youths should be shameful of themselves to allow their old parents to be feeding them. He said what’s happening in the country is unacceptable.

Jammeh raised the issue of Gambian landlords discriminating at their fellow Gambian citizens and loved ones. He said many landlords would rather rent out their shops to foreigners than their own relatives or countrymen. He said Gambians do not wish each other well.

“They respect foreigners more than their own countrymen. Landlords should understand that at the end of the day, these foreigners are going back to their respective countries. So why discriminating at your own fellow citizens? This is unacceptable,” Jammeh remarked.

Finally, the delusional Gambian dictator has promised to make all Gambian women rich by the time he leaves office. He said his administration has over the years succeeded in empowering Gambian women.

“You can hardly differentiate nowadays a woman, who is from Kanilai and that of a Banjul woman.  Rural women competes with City women in terms of dress style, outlook, education, and so on. Thanks to my government, Gambian women have been empowered,” Jammeh said.

Mr. Jammeh also talked about revamping the Education, Health and Transportation sectors. He said these are key priority developmental project for his administration. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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