Gambia: Gambia’s President Ailing Health Condition Deteriorates!


A team of Saudi doctors are in Banjul to help treat the sick Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The dictator was supposed to be evacuated to Saudi for further medical attention, but he is apparently refusing to leave the country in fear of being toppled by the military while he is away. Jammeh’s health condition has deteriorated in recent weeks, prompting to speculations that if he is not evacuated to overseas for treatment, he is likely to succumb to his death.  

JAMMEH 2Gambia’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Omar OG Sallah travelled with the Saudi doctors to Banjul to help treat the deranged Kanilai monster. Jammeh is suffering from diabetes two, cancer, migraine, and a terminal disease, which we cannot disclose for healthy privacy reasons.

According to administration sources, Mr. Jammeh often complains about constant fatigue, bodily pain, and sweat. He also suffer from seizures.

“Jammeh’s health condition is in a precarious situation. He is pretending to be healthy, when he is sick. He is under close medical supervision. He cannot travel within the country without being accompanied by his medical team. This man needs urgent medical attention,” said our source.

“Jammeh is doomed. He is not going to make it. The Gambia is likely to be swept by leadership vacuum if Jammeh is out of the political equation. General Saul Badjie, would be the likely successor of Jammeh based on the intelligence reaching us,” our source added.

In view of the political uncertainty facing his Presidency, Jammeh has started resettling his family overseas. His Moroccan wife and kids hardly stay in the country.

Mr. Jammeh came to power in July 0f 1994. He has since consolidated himself into power. His ailing health is preventing him to be able to effectively discharge his duties.

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