Gambia:Should We Respond To Jammeh’s Diatribe In His Insult On The Peoples’ tour?


Anyone who has been following Jammeh over the years has come to accept that Jammeh lost the battle. As the saying goes only cowards have insults as defense and once you attack them they run behind the police to take cover. Strongmen will not say a word they always wait until the appropriate time to strike the deadly blow.

Going by Jammeh’s ranting’s in Kartong meeting, one can see that Jammeh cannot use the police and the NIA as terrorists to torture, kill and maim the citizens of the country anymore.

We are happy to note that the police and the NIA are gradually awakening to the fact that they will be the ones who will answer to the atrocities they are inflicting on innocent and unarmed citizens during post-Jammeh era. The fight against terrorism is a global fight that will go on for a long time to come.  So let the security personal take note. Didn‘t Jammeh branded the December attackers as terrorists? Did Jammeh not use terrorism on the Kartong youths? Is Jammeh not using terrorist language to instill fear on Gambia?

During the Kartong meeting Jammeh is telling Gambians “that the people of Kartong are not the owners of the sand along their beach side and have no right stop mining in the area or execute any form of police duties.” The question that comes to mind is to ask Jammeh if he and his companies are the owners of the beach sand? How can one be the owner, the judiciary and the police at the same time, isn’t it a conflict of interest? Is Jammeh not behaving as a king and slave master? Since Jammeh said time and time again that he owns the country, one should not be surprise to hear Jammeh warning the people of Kartong that he owns the beach and everything in it and will do as he likes and no one has the right to protest or question him. Is Jammeh a king or president? You be the judge.

In Jammeh’s own words he said: “No NIA, no police, or no soldier will touch them.  I will deal with troublemakers in my own way. God will deal with them.” He is now banking on God to help him eliminate his opponents in the country through spiritual means. What a joke Mr. Jammeh? We will see if you are true to words. The next time you send the police or the NIA to do dirty jobs for you, then we will hold them accountable as you said you will not use them next time there is a peaceful protest against your businesses and regime. Your GOD is not our GOD for sure.

Time and time you have been praising Gambian women whiles insulting their husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers and sons. Your hate for men is a sickness that only you will feel. You are so obsess and hateful with men that the women you are constantly praising are now beginning to wonder why you hate Gambian men so much. The question that begs for an answer is to ask you Mr. Jammeh: Did you rely on women to carry your coup d’état back in July 1994? Shame on you Jammeh the betrayer of men. Isn’t this your double standards and hypocrisy you have employed throughout your 21 years of cheating, betraying and lying to people? Didn’t you insult the “yai compins” the praise singers and women of the first republic? Today you are luring and praising the APRC women, griots and yai compins simply to beg them to continue voting for you.

Jammeh also said, “Last year, I sent my soldiers to find “Neteeh” for me in the bush not far from here. They were able to get five trucks of Neteeh for me. Neeteh is good for your health. There are so many diseases in this country. Neteeh can cure so many diseases.” As if he owns and pays the soldiers salaries, Jammeh simply takes the people of this country as his slaves. No wonder Pa Ndery always reminds us of Jammeh’s Ssssss from his behind all the time. Loll. 

Whether you like it not Mr. Jammeh, times have changed and your hate on Gambian men and your hypocrisy on praising women have come to light. Gambian women know which woman you really love and care for and are none other than Zeinab Souma Jammeh your foreign highway wife. Period.

Over to you….

Written By Baboucarr Bojang, Banjul

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