Gambia: Finger Pointing At The State House; Is Jammeh Poisoned?


There has been a lot of speculations as to the facial appearance of President Jammeh in the past few weeks, especially during the tour. A Freedom Newspaper informant inside Yaya Jammeh’s close protection has told this paper that when they were departing for the tour, Jammeh did not look like the creature he look like right now. He said it was a few days into the tour that President Jammeh’s face started getting what looked like boils.

JAMMEH 2Our sources inside the state house were contacted about Jammeh’s health condition and what we were told exposes more in fighting at the state house. General Saul Badjie, according to our very trusted source told Jammeh to expel his sister Ndey Jammeh from the Statehouse. General Badjie is claiming that it was Ndey Jammeh, who allegedly poisoned the President because she is always the last person to touch the President’s food. Jammeh as usual being the stupid fool he is, listened and agreed with General Badjie and Ndey Jammeh has been kicked out of the state house.fact General Saul Badjie, who allegedly applied the poison that was allegedly supplied by a Minister. According to our source, the poison was put in the food and Jammeh ate it.

Yahya Jammeh is under the supervision of a Syrian Doctor, who works at the Jammeh foundation for peace hospital in Bundung. The Doctor has ordered antidote from Syria, which is being used to stop any further damages to Jammeh’s organs and to slow down the effects of whatever poison is in his system.

Because of Jammeh’s condition and appearance at this time, a protocol source tells us all public appearances and functions of the president have been cancelled. The protocol person also confirmed that the only reason why Jammeh have a white scarf on now is because his Doctor is draining fluid out of him and his is hiding the area. We will watch how this one will end.

There is a big confusion at the State House at this hour. Jammeh’s so called loyalists are turning one and another to the dictator. Banjul is going to be interesting in coming days. Someone screwed Jammeh big time.  For more details on the story, stay tuned….

Written By Karafa Sanyang

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