Gambia: Gambia’s Health Minister Omar Sey Engineered The Arrest Of Ex SG And Presidential Affairs Miniseter Lamin Nyabally!


Following days of being under NIA custody, details have started pouring in as to the circumstances surrounding the recent sacking and subsequent arrest of the former SG and Presidential Affairs Minister Lamin Nyabally, by the National Intelligence Agency, the (NIA), the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Nyabally, was in the good books of the Kanilai monster, until about a week ago, when he parted company with Jammeh. He was sacked, following a claim made by the Health Minister Omar Sey that the former SG failed to approve a request he made to equip the Basse Health Center with a resident doctor and Nurses. This came in the wake of a protest made by Jammeh about the lack of doctors at the Basse Health Center. Jammeh suffered a seizure in Basse during the tour, resulting to him to urinate and defecate himself.

Dr-Omar-Sey-minister-of-health-and-social-welfareWhen Jammeh regained consciousness, he raised the issue of lack of doctors and nurses at the Basse Health Center. He summoned Health Minister Sey to shed light on his queries, but Sey decided to throw Mr. Nybally under the bus by claiming that the project was delayed by Nyabally.  Mr. Sey told Jammeh that he has made a verbal request through Nyabally for the clinic to be reinforced with trained health workers, but the SG never responded to his request.

A fuming Yahya Jammeh then expelled Mr. Nyabally from the tour. He also sacked him on the spot before ordering the NIA to effect his arrest.  Mr. Nyabally was never given the opportunity to counter Omar Sey’s claims. Sources said the embattled SG tried to explain to Jammeh that Mr. Sey never officially wrote to his office for the Basse Health Center to be equipped with health workers, but he asked him to go home.

It would be recalled that the same Omar Sey threw Ann Carrol under the bus, when the Freedom Newspaper leaked Ms. Carrol damning Health Mission report she prepared during a trip she made to the provinces. This medium also published the chain of emails between Sey and his staff.  

Ms. Carrol was subsequently arrested and charged by the State, while Omar Sey retained his Ministerial job. She was accused of spying, communicating with the Freedom Newspaper, among other charges. She vehemently rejected the allegations.

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