Gambia: Jammeh Fires His Top Security Chiefs For Not Attending His Son’s Birthday!


Dictator Yahya Jammeh has indeed lost his damn mind! Jammeh has fired dozens of security chiefs for not attending his son’s birthday. Security chiefs not attending Muhammed Jammeh’s birthday is now a crime in The Gambia? Almost all sectors of Gambia’s security apparatus have been purged. Some have been detained. This thing is getting ridiculous.

muhammed JammehAt the NIA, one of the Agency’s most senior and seasoned officers Musa Dibba has been fired. Mr. Dibba is a former police officer.  He was commissioned into the Force as a Cadet. He works with the then Special Brach, before being redeployed to General Duties. Mr. Dibba later left the Force and joined the defunct National Security Services (NSS). He was one of the most educated assets at the NIA. Dibba has lost his years of outstanding services he rendered to The Gambia and her people. He has been fired without any benefits or compensation of services.  His perceived crime? Jammeh said Dibba and other security chiefs failed to attend his son’s birthday.  Absurd, right? 

It would be recalled that Musa Dibba was arrested in March of 2006, when the then CDS Ndure Cham organized a failed coup. He was held for some time and later released. He was fired and reinstated back into the NIA. Dibba has now been fired for the second time. Mr. Dibba has over thirty years service in total under his belt since he joined the Force. He has lost all his retirement benefits in view of his recent sacking from the NIA.

Also fired is the Deputy Immigration Director one Mr. Landing Jarju. Jarju too has been dismissed for not attenting baby Muhammed’s birthday. He was fired together with dozens of other officers.

At the prison Department, Operations Commander Jumbo Sowe has been axed.  Sowe too failed to attend the birthday of Jammeh’s son. As such, he has been fired.

The National Drug Enforcement (NDEA) also suffered a casualty in the latest purging of the security forces. One of their officers Lamin Jim Drammeh has been dismissed. Drammeh was their Operations Director, the last time we checked. Drammeh is a brother to the current Deputy CDS Yankuba Drammeh. 

At GAF Headquarters, one Lt. Colonel Mendy has been dismissed for not showing up at Muhammed’s birthday. The Deputy Directors at Customs and Fire Services have both been dismissed as well. The Jammeh madness is tearing the country apart. Some of the dismissed officers have been detained at the NIA. We are closely monitoring developments. 

Below is the list of the fired officers:

Deputy Director of Immigration Landing Jarju

Deputy Director NIA Musa Dibba

Prisons Operations Commander Jumbo Sowe

Deputy Director Customs

GAF Lt. Colonel- Mendy

NDEA- Drammeh Operations Director Lamin Jim Drammeh

Fire Service Deputy Director

Jammeh is heading out to Bakau, to address a meeting there. The advance team has just arrived on the ground. We will keep you posted with developments.

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