Gambia: Dismissal Of The Top Security Chiefs Had To Do With The Brikamaba Failed Assassination Attempt On The Life Of Jammeh!


New details have emerged that the dismissal of Gambia’s security chiefs had to do with the recent armed attack of Jammeh’s convoy in Brikama by an unknown gunmen, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Dictator Yahya Jammeh came to know about the story after it was published by the Freedom Newspaper. Jammeh was never briefed about the attack, sources said. Both General Saul Badjie and the NIA DG Yankuba Badjie never informed Jammeh about the attack.

Jammeh became mad when the Freedom story was brought to his attention. Jammeh later confirmed that the attack indeed happened in Brikamaba. The Kanilai monster couldn’t come to terms about the security chiefs total failure to brief him about an incident which pertains his life and personal safety.

Apparently Jammeh is standing on one leg, said our source.  His life is in danger, in view of the lack of intelligence sharing among the security forces, he added. “Something is not right with Jammeh’s security detail. An attack happened in Brikama, and Jammeh was never informed.  He read the story on the pages of the Freedom Newspaper.  This tells you that Jammeh is no longer safe,” our source noted. 

Jammeh reacted by asking the various Deputy Chief Security Chiefs attached to his tour to go home until further notice. In fact some of the security chiefs have been arrested and interrogated by the NIA. The investigations into the Brikamaba shooting is underway. The story was first reported by the Soldier. The soldier’s piece went viral. It attracted close to twenty thousand hits within the first hours of its publication.

Meanwhile, it has been gathered that the NIA investigations have centered on certain elements of the State Guards. Reports have it that there are disgruntled soldiers at the State House, who are determined to take on the dictator.

A top security analyst said: “ The mere fact that an attack of such magnitude can happen during Jammeh’s tour and he was never briefed by his security entourage, then this confirms that Jammeh is far from being safe. General Badjie and Yankuba Badjie should also be questioned. There is no way such an attack can happen without the Badjies knowing about it.  This sounds like an inside job within the State House. Someone is trying to assassinate Yahya Jammeh.”

“The suspension of the security chiefs is more than failing to attend baby Muhammed Jammeh’s birthday. It had to do with the failed attack in Brikamaba. The security chiefs interviewed so far, were questioned in regards to the Freedom Newspaper story. It is a true story. Jammeh is wondering as to how this could happen without his security entourage briefing him. A lot of heads will roll in coming days,” our source added.

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