Gambia: Bombshell Drops At The State House; Chief Of Protocol Fired And Redeployed; Jammeh’s Chief Orderly Disappeared In The Thin Air; ML Gibba To Lead The Jolla Hegemony!


Pa, This is the Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, on DCC’s last report did we not say that dictator Jammeh will start promising Gambians the moon, the sky and many free things. Well, please go to the Daily Observer Newspaper and they wrote a story where monster Jammeh has promised all Gambians free University Education. This is one of many lies and deceitful ways of monster Jammeh’s schemes for Gambians to like him and vote him in the 2016 election. It is all lies, he will start giving free land and many things in the interest of staying in power. If it means selling his mother, he will do it. Dictator Jammeh has turned into a preacher that Gambians need to be nice to each other whilst at this minute innocent Gambians are being tortured at the rogue NIA. Even devil Zeinab has out of the blue turned into a humanitarian, philanthropist and acting like she is concerned with or seeking to promote Gambians welfare. Devil Zeinab it is because of the upcoming 2016 election that you are becoming a self-promoted humanitarian, do you want to deny this? You know it is over, this is why you are going everywhere in the interest of ensuring that your husband stays in power. Devil Zeinab before you preach Gambians please tell dictator Jammeh to stop following young Gambian girls and stop breaking people’s marriages. 

Fellow Gambians, the other topic DCC covered on our last story is that dictator Jammeh will blame and sacrifice other people on the Kartong problem. This is dictator Jammeh at his best because a majority of Gambians still don’t know how he plays dirty tricks, mixes Gambians and make Gambians point fingers at each other whilst he stands aside and laugh at them. Dictator Jammeh has decided to sacrifice AKI BAYO by dismissing him and replacing him with ML GIBBA. This is not the end of the Kartong problem, dictator Jammeh will sacrifice PIU officers, the army and some NEA officials. Dictator Jammeh will also use ML GIBBA to give free land to some people soon, we will write a separate story on this, this is why ML GIBBA has been appointed as the Minister of Local Government and land. 

Fellow Gambians, the other reason why ML GIBBA, has been brought back is for him to lead the JOLA HEGEMONY, please MARK THIS DOWN. Dictator Jammeh knows it is over and he is trying to convince the JOLAS that if they don’t do anything for him to remain in power then the JOLA tribe will be in trouble, and we all know that this is a LIE. Monster Jammeh is trying to tell JOLAS that they need to be loyal to him. Is this correct Gambians, monster Jammeh is trying to promote tribalism. We Gambians don’t know what tribalism is and we should not allow this mad president to divide us and cause a tribal war between the Gambian tribes.

According to a reliable DCC agent at the State House, ML GIBBA was given this directive by dictator Jammeh and Gambians should not allow this to happen. Every Gambian regardless of your tribe do not ALLOW monster Jammeh to use you to remain in power. ML GIBBA DCC is warning you, DCC is monitoring you, do not be used by monster Jammeh. Dictator Jammeh knows that ML GIBBA is one of the strong pillars in the JOLA hegemony and is trying to use him. Monster Jammeh is planning to have a FULL jola cabinet so that he can get all the JOLAS to support him. Dictator Jammeh, hand over power and stop dividing the country, WE ARE ALL ONE GAMBIAN PEOPLE.

Despite of the different tribes Gambians have always live together peacefully and your plan won’t work. No JOLAS, MANDINKA, FULLA, SARAHULLEH, or any other tribe will LISTEN to you. In fact, dictator Jammeh as we speak you have mixed Jolas against Jolas and now you want to take it to another level. Please get in a plane and fly with devil Zeinab and move to Morocco. You will be surprised how DCC discovered this, we will reveal and expose everything you are doing to the Gambians. DCC is urging the opposition parties and the international community to take note of this new development. Gambians should take this sinful scheme very seriously, monster Jammeh finally wants to start a “FIRE” that won’t be good for our peaceful country.

Fellow Gambians, we have so many topics to report to you and we will just summarize for you. According to the State House DCC agent, SANA JARJU has been dismissed as Chief of Protocol and re-instated as an Assistant Secretary at the State House. DCC is warning SANA JARJU to run. Sana has been replaced by Borry Colley, who is the acting COP. Like we reported last time, UNKNOWN to many Gambians State House is very tense and the arrest of the security chiefs is a testimony of what is happening in the Gambia. Even Captain Alieu Sanyang, who as of last week was the chief orderly has disappeared.

Fellow Gambians, as soon as the dictator returned from Kanilai and entered the State House, he led and orchestrated the arrest, detention and disappearance of Alieu Sanyang. As soon as the convoy arrived at State House, Alieu Sanyang was stripped, handcuffed and taken by the black black boys, and this happened at the monster’s living room. Monster Jammeh called the co-president Saul Badjie to execute the order and he was present whilst the arrest was executed. Alieu’s mobile phone, gun, travel documents and personal belongings were all taken from him and since then he has not been seen or heard from. The black, black boys known as junglers took him to his house, search the house and disappeared into thin air.

From experience, only few people will survive after being picked up by the junglers. DCC is highly concerned that Alieu Sanyang is dead. Even Modou Jatta the former steward is currently healing at the rogue NIA, he was mercilessly tortured. This monster is telling people to be one people but he is torturing and killing innocent Gambians. Also the dismissed security chiefs are going under torture at the NIA, they have been arrested after their dismissals. Monster Jammeh is becoming hostile every second and is having sleepless nights and he knows that it is not “over.” Dictator Jammeh is a fugitive, who cannot run from Gambians and himself. 

Fellow Gambians, on a last note and please take this warning very seriously. Lately monster Jammeh has been saying something at every meeting, and when he keeps on repeating something he will do it. In Kalaji, he said that he knows how to deal with witches and in all the tour meetings he mentioned that he knows how to deal with people, who cause trouble. Gambians MARK THIS DOWN, from here until 2016 election dictator Jammeh will use poison to secretly kill people and will say that they were witches that is why they died. He will kill innocent people in the name of WITCHCRAFT.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE, December 2014 Martyrs. We will never forget YOU!!!

Witten By The Soldier

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