Gambia: Gambia’s President Says Gambian Women Are Unable To Produce Babies Because Of Western Dress Style; As Jammeh Faults Western Tight Trousers And Underwear!


Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh says one of the main reasons why Gambian women cannot conceive or get pregnant is due to their imitation of western dress style. Jammeh told his party supporters in Banjul that tight trousers and underwear often render Gambian women barren. In other words, Jammeh said young girls, who are in the business of wearing trousers, and underwear, are often faced with pregnancy related problems.

“You don’t have to wear tight trousers and underwear to attract me.  Many young girls in this country are unable to get conceive because of their dress style. Tight trousers and underwear are alien to our culture and dress style. Our parents used to conceive consistently to a point that they had to see a doctor to prevent them from getting pregnant. But that’s not happening in this country anymore. Women in this country are faced with infertility, and all kinds of health issues. Your private part needs some air around it to be able to function effectively. How can you conceive, when you are dressed in tight trousers and underwear? You must change your dress style if you want to get a baby,” Jammeh said.

“Gambian women, I must tell you the truth.. You have adopted a culture that is alien to our own culture. Our parents never put on trousers and underwear back in the days… That was why they were able produce babies unhindered.. Look at you today… There are few women getting conceive in this country,” Jammeh added.

Mr. Jammeh’s Moroccan wife Zienab Souma Jammeh is westernized. She hardly puts on Gambian outfits. She always dressed in tight jeans. Many Gambians opine that if Jammeh really wants to change the dress code for Gambian women, he should start with his wife.

“Jammeh’s wife dress inappropriately as far as our culture and religion is concerned. She puts on skirts that exposes her body to the public. She also dresses like a club girl. She is not a role model to our young girls. Charity begins at home. Jammeh should instead talk to his wife about her dress style, before opening his big mouth talking trash about dress code,” said a local observer in Banjul.

Speaking in the local Wollof dialect before an interpreter, Jammeh also talked about skin bleaching, which he says is very rampant in Banjul. He warned that skin bleaching is detrimental to the health of women.

“When do you last hear that a Banjul woman has gotten married? I live in this City. There are many single ladies walking around without a husband. The reason why you cannot have a husband or serious boyfriend is because of your skin bleaching.  Most of you, who bleach their skins sadly don’t even have food to eat at home. You normally divert fish monies that are meant to feed your families to buy oil to bleach your skin. Both young and old ladies are bleaching their skin in Banjul. This is very said,” Jammeh lamented adding that skin bleaching causes cancer.

“We banned skin bleaching since 1994, but our women never heeded to the ban. Now you have reaped the price of skin bleaching. You have been rendered impoverished because of skin bleaching. Skin bleaching has jeopardized your health. You often backbite me by saying that Yahya Jammeh wants light skin women..  That’s not true. Many a time, you will try to attract me sexually by walking pass me during public functions. I know all what you have been saying behind my back. You don’t have to bleach your skin to attract me.  I love black beauty,” Jammeh remarked before pointing at a black lady, in the gathering to join him at the podium. He heaped praises for the lady for not bleaching her skin.

Mr. Jammeh said he has been opposed to skin bleaching since his school days at The Gambia High School. He recalled telling one his female classmates not to bleach her skin. He said the lady in question started bleaching her skin when she was in her fifth form. He parted company with her friend because of bleaching.

Mr. Jammeh acknowledged that there is an endemic poverty among Gambian woman particularly Banjul women. He noted that if Gambian women needs his help, they should change their attitude towards men and dress style.

“Most Gambian women don’t want to marry poor men. There are gold diggers among you. How can you love someone, when he was poor, and all of a sudden you see him driving fancy cars; then you are in love with him. Gambian women lacked faith in God. That’s why there are many unmarried women in this country. You only want to marry rich people,” Jammeh said.

Written By A Staff Writer 

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