Mr President – No more!


Mr. President ­ No More:  Mr. President, it has been 21 years since you took power through military force. According to you, to eradicate corruption in the previous government. As time has evolved, it is evident that the status quo of my beloved homeland has not improved and is not conducive for most to say the least.

According to you in this video “any day the Gambian people do not want you, you will go home and be a farmer”. Our people have been suffering to the extent that no one can speak his real thoughts about the government; but, I use this platform to echo the words of many Gambians.

Mr President, it is crunch time you align your words with your actions. It will be much better for you if you relinquish power before it’s too late.

Hence, Mr. President, we demand from you no more terms, no more corruption, no more missing people, no more promises, no more mischief, no more words, and no more …

To those helping you, know that the weakest of houses is that of a spider. So help the oppressed and the oppressor with the truth.

Finally, I seek forgiveness from the almighty Allah who loves to forgive and I urge you to seek forgiveness from the Gambian people and from the most merciful, who forgives all sins (from Quran chapter 39 verse 53).

Your fellow Gambian,

Witten By Ibnu Gambi

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