Gambia: Sukuta Students Suspended And Banned From Sitting Their Exams, For Merely Not Welcoming Jammeh In Brufut!


A team of NIA officers, police detectives and soldiers have been stationed at the Sukuta Upper and Lower Basic Cycle School, amid reports that some disgruntled students are planning to burn down the school, after they were denied to sit for their exams this past Friday, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The students got penalized for their exams for merely failing to welcome dictator Yahya Jammeh, who addressed a “rented crowd meeting” in the Coastal village of Brufut, during the weekend, where the deranged Kanilai monster declared the tiny West African nation as an Islamic State.

Fatou laminThe affected students reported to school on Friday, only to be told that the school administration have received directives from the Ministry of Lower Basic, for the students, who failed to welcome Jammeh at his Brufut meeting to be suspended and denied sitting for their final exams. The decision was communicated to the students by the school headmaster Sambou Kanteh.

Speaking to this reporter, who posed as a concerned parent, whose kid was suspended for not welcoming Jammeh in Brufute, Headmaster Sambou Kanteh, was bit apprehensive about the exact location of the caller. He was able to figure out that the caller was not residing in The Gambia, but following repeated assurances that the caller was indeed calling from Basse, he finally agreed to speak to us. This reporter fooled Mr. Kanteh, by telling him that he was on trek in Basse, and that he wanted know why his child Modou Ceesay was suspended from school.

“We don’t have any child by the name Modou Ceesay in this school. I have the list of the students suspended and there is no Modou Ceesay among the list. Five students were suspended for failing to report to school to welcome the President at the Turntable junction and Brufut. The students were divided into two groups. The Lower Basic students were stationed at the Turntable, while the Upper Basic students were transported to Brufut to welcome the President,” Mr. Kanteh told me during a phone conversation on Saturday.

Fatou lamin faye“Since you are in Basse, you can delegate your brother or one of your family members to accompany your child to the school on Monday. All suspended students are required to report to school with their parents. We need to speak to them in the presence of their parents. I warned them prior to the President embarking on his Brufut tour; that they should all report to school on Friday, but out of the students in the school, five of them failed to show up. We received a directive from the Regional Director Mr. Suwareh; that the students should show up in school on Friday, to welcome the President, but five of the students failed to show up. Failing to show up might be interpreted as they are in the opposition,” Mr. Kanteh added.

According to Mr. Kanteh, he personally ensured that the Lower basic kids were stationed at the Turntable (roundabout) and the Upper Basic students were transported to Brufut to welcome Jammeh.

“After the Brufut meeting, we transported the students back to Sukuta. The students who failed to show up in school on Friday, were suspended. The students would be allowed to sit for their exams on Monday, provided that they are accompanied to the school by their parents, or legal Guardians,” he said.

This reporter told Kanteh that he cannot understand why the students should be forced to welcome dictator Jammeh, Mr. Kanteh maintained that they were given an order to execute and that he has no answers to my queries. Kanteh would also not disclose, the person, who ordered for the kids to show up in the streets by force.

“All I know is that we received a directive from our Regional Director Suwareh for the kids to show up in school to welcome the President. You are going too far with your line of questioning. If you want your child to sit the exams, bring him to the school on Monday,” Sambou Kanteh told me.

The streets are not in favor of dictator Jammeh. The school children are getting tired of Jammeh’s  lying pattern, and his divisive politics. Now it has reached a stage that for Jammeh to be able to convene meetings in the country, he has to rent crowds. Students were transported from Sukuta and other neighboring villages to welcome the dictator in Brufut.

It was in Brufut, that the insane Kanilai monster, proclaimed to transform poor and isolated Gambia as an Islamic Republic. Little did people knew that Jammeh’s incoherent speeches are purely calculated to distract determined Gambians to end his autocratic regime.  His Brufut declaration of The Gambia as an Islamic State, was another form of “save face” as the Americans would call it. Gambians have disowned Jammeh!

As we file this report, there is an increasing panic in the country. The residents of Sukuta are disenchanted with the status quo. They cannot come to terms as to why their kids should be penalized to sit for their exams for merely not welcoming Jammeh. Oh well… That’s Jammeh! He rules by force.

In another development, even within the army, senior officers have started telling their wives to avoid having contacts with the Kanilai dictator. Lieutenant Colonel Mendy, of the State Guard  was fired after he was accused of preventing his wife to join the officers wives to welcome Jammeh during the tour.  

Also fired was Colonel Atto, Director of Combat Army Engineering. Like Mendy, Atto too, was accused of preventing his wife from welcoming Jammeh during his failed tour. The NIA investigated the two officers prior to their sacking. 

Written By A Staff Writer

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