Gambia:Editorial: Jammeh’s Delusional Dream For An Islamic State: Will Jammeh’s Justice Minister Secret Mistress Mama Singhateh Resign?


We have long been telling Gambians that there is no constitution in this country. It is Yahya Jammeh’s constitution. Jammeh rules The Gambia to his wish and caprices. Never mind about the current book called the 1997 constitution. It is a joke Gambia. Jammeh’s pronouncements supersedes the constitution our political pundits, scholars, legal luminaries and ordinary citizens invoke on a daily basis to challenge the excesses of the current autocratic Jammeh regime.  

MAMA SINGHATEHEmerging from his mentally disturbed state of mind, amid growing public reject, the deranged Gambian despot, unilaterally announced in Brufut over the weekend that The Gambia is now an Islamic State. Like he did in his recent banning of Female Genital Mutilation otherwise known as (FGM), Jammeh abolished the longstanding Gambian cultural practice verbally without going to parliament to pass a bill to ban it. He also never confided with his Justice Minister chick (secret mistress) Mama Singahateh, before opening his big mouth legislating for the ban of FGM in an open public forum. Jammeh ban FGM without an existing bill to justify the ban.

Gambia, keep in mind that Jammeh’s public speeches and utterances occasionally constitute the national law here. Henceforth, he declared in Brufut that the constitution would be amended to cater for an Islamic State.

Now everyone is reacting to Jammeh’s latest madness to further consolidate his jungle law nation; that he has exposed Gambians to over the years. There is nothing new in Jammeh’s transformation of The Gambia as an Islamic State. Straight up! Our Christian brothers and sisters can attest to this fact because they have been at the receiving end of Jammeh’s crusade to end religious freedom in this country.

MBAI 1The fundamental question that comes to mind is: Where was the world, and The Gambians in particular, who are currently bombarding Social Media with videos denouncing Jammeh’s desire to transform The Gambia, as an Islamic State, when Jammeh closed Christian schools some months ago, after accusing them of refusing to include Arabic or Islamic education in their school? On the same vein, we applaud the laudable efforts of our brothers and sisters in the struggle for the unanimous denunciation of Jammeh’s ungodly planned move to transform The Gambia as an Islamic State.

That said, it is imperative to note that consistency is the cornerstone of any successful struggle against a dictatorship. For Jammeh to be defeated in his declining propaganda to distract our people from the real issues which matters, Gambians must begin to raise the alarm bell, when it is most needed.  

The noise being collectively raised today to denounce Jammeh’s misguided and delusional Islamic State dream for The Gambia, if it was employed in such a unified action, when the monster persecuted our Christian brothers and sisters, in the name of promoting religious diversity in our school system, the world would have come to our aid by now. This is just an honest observation, and not an attack against any person or group.

Now let us take a look at Jammeh’s silly rants Gambia. Jammeh’s argument to transform The Gambia as an Islamic State, was largely premised on the following reasoning: That the current religious secularity which obtains in Jammeh’s tailor-made constitution, had some colonial connotations; That since the Muslims constitute the largest population in The Gambia, in Jammeh’s own myopic mind, the country should automatically become an Islamic State. Really?

MBAI 2Even though we earlier argued here that there is no credible constitution in The Gambia, in view of Jammeh’s total disregard and lack of respect for the very provisions of the constitution, Chapter II, of the said constitution states that: This constitution is the supreme Law of The Gambia and any other law that is found to be inconsistent with any provision of this Constitution shall be declared null and void. In other words, laws that contradicts the spirit and the letter of the constitution, would be declared unconstitutional. This include illegal bills passed by the rubberstamp National Assembly, or statements such as Jammeh transforming the Gambian as an Islamic State.

Furthermore Gambia, Section 1 of Chapter 1 of the 1997 Constitution, clearly stated that: The Gambia is a Sovereign Secular Republic. This particular provision of the constitution is an entrenched clause, which can only be amended through a referendum. This means the government would need three quarter yes votes in order to effect the proposed constitutional changes for an Islamic State as articulated by Jammeh.

It would be recalled that Jammeh made similar pronouncements during the summer, when he hinted his plans to amend the death penalty. Following local and international outcry, Jammeh backed down. He went ahead to pass the bill to monetize the Presidency in the coming 2016 elections.

MBAI 3In the face of the current illegalities, characterized by constitutional undermining perpetrated by Yahya Jammeh, there is no indication that Justice Minister Mama Singhateh, the daughter of a former respected Gambian career politician, in the First Republic, would resign from her job. We know for a fact that Madam Singhateh has no semblance of credibility, and conscience that would compel her to call it a day with the Jammeh government, but for the sake of her kids, family, and country, she should resign for God sake. Failure of which, she would be remembered as Gambia’s worst Justice Minister of our time.  Instead of sitting there fraternizing with Jammeh sexually, she should just resign to save her soul.

For the remainder of his rule, Jammeh is going to be preoccupied with distractive agendas in an attempt to sway the country from the current economic stagnation, infrastructural collapse, and increasing hunger threatening the lives of Gambian consumers. Jammeh has nothing to offer when it comes to policy, political reforms, and socioeconomic development.

As Jammeh’s public approval ratings decline, last week, he ordered for the suspension of Sukuta students, who refused to show up to welcome during his meeting in Brufut. The students were not only suspended, but they were also prevented from sitting their final exams.

Transforming The Gambia as an Islamic State, will no doubt give Jammeh the license to further oppress his opponents, and consolidate himself to power. Islamic rule doesn’t subscribe to western democracy. Elections would be a mere formality, to borrow Jammeh’s own expression. Jammeh would invoke religious laws to maim, kill and rig elections. If he is allowed to meddle with the constitution, Jammeh is also likely to install a monarch system rule in this country. Gambians standup to be counted and defend your rights. We rest our case!

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