Gambia: Mali-Gam Officials Detained By The NIA; As Jammeh’s Funds Are Drying Up!


Two close aides of dictator Yahya Jammeh have been taken into custody by the National Intelligence Agency, the (NIA), the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  Ansumana Jammeh, the former Gambian Ambassador to Qatar, and Assan Badjie, a business associate of Ansumana, have been under NIA custody for the past couple of days. Dictator Yahya Jammeh ordered for the immediate arrest and detention of the duo, according to highly placed NIA sources. Both Ansumana and Assan have been placed under light detention at the NIA, pending the outcome of their case, sources intimated. 

Ansumana Jammeh is the Proprietor of the Mali-Gam Company. The company was recently linked to an alleged exploitation of Gamtel, and other private cellular phone networks by diverting International calls termination into a callbox they allegedly installed at their offices. Gamtel lost a significant amount of money during the illegal connections. The Mali-Gam case reached the NIA’s attention, but it suffered a natural dead. Ansumana is said to be a brother of dictator Jammeh. He is widely feared within the NIA and in the country.

The circumstances surrounding the arrest of the two business partners have not been known yet. A source close to the NIA told this paper that the Agency received an order from the President to effect the arrest of Ansumana Jammeh and Assan Badjie. The two Maligam officials are under investigations, our sources said.

According to another source, who is very familiar with Yahya Jammeh’s lifestyle, he said he suspects that the arrest of the duo had to with monetary issues.

“Jammeh is broke. If he asks to be given certain amount of money, if the person(s) concerned failed to provide the money, he would resort to arresting them. Mali-Gam used to be his jackpot for money wasting. Ansumana and his boys are no longer serving his monetary needs. I wouldn’t be surprised if he orders for their arrest because of money problems,” Our source said.

Ansumana Jammeh’s business partner Assan Badjie, recently married the sister of Ansumana’s wife. Ansumana’s wife is the daughter of Lebanese Gambian businessman Muhammed Najib of Kaur. The wife of Sam Lobster Sarr came from the same family. Sam’s wife is a sister to Muhammed Najib.

According to sources, Ansumana Jammeh’s recent debacle with his dictator brother, will no doubt cause panic at the DC Embassy and the Gambian mission at the UN.

“Both Ambassador Omar Faye and Sam Lobster Sarr are close lieutenants of Ansumana Jammeh. Now that Ansumana has fallen out with Jammeh, I am sure they must be freaking out,” Our source hinted.

Ansumana Jammeh was appointed to head the Jammeh Foundation for Peace Hospital shortly after he was recalled from his Ambassadorial assignment in Qatar. He was later fired before he was redeployed to manage Jammeh’s Kanilai farm.

Written By A Staff Writer

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