Gambia: Political Expediency For The Gambia’s Circus Clown, Yahya Jammeh- The Gambia University Students Take Heed!


It is always another blind fold for the struggling Gambian youths. It is evident we are ambitious. Unfortunately our futures have been systematically derailed by this psychotic, despotic and lunatic, who brand himself as the head of state. Naked emperor pretending his shame is concealed when it is displayed publicly for everyone to pick on. He is a celebrated clown with a never ending circus performance. It is said ‘age comes with wisdom’ but little of that can be said of The Gambian Dictator. A selfishly self centred egoistic who is still trapped in the past. 

I most concede to his political ingenuity at least by Gambian standard. His cunning and baiting manoeuvres have always caught Gambians off guard or at least they wilfully ignore what is obvious. The elites, our hopes, have continuously been trapped by these insecure political appointments. But the fairy tales of these fancy Government appointments end in most cases with a jail term or a dishonourable dismissal. Their futures tainted and their names smeared in guilt. Jammeh’s appointments and jail terms have never been mutually exclusive. The likes of Momodou Sababally fell for his elite mouse trap. He is jailed with his future uncertain. He is a brilliant Gambian mind who is able enough to transition the Gambia into an exemplary state if given the chance. Brilliant minds are the nightmares for brutal dictatorships. They must be gotten rid of. In Jammeh’s political chess play, an attractive political appoint is the best mind trap for the hungry elites of The Gambia who have little consideration for ethics and moral convictions. They always fall for it and end up been crushed under the weight of humiliation and destitution.  

As youths, we’ve always been convinced by the one sided narrative that those appointed and dismissed by Jammeh have always been the cause of their own disgrace. It set a precedence and a collision of thoughts between the elder generation and the vibrant youths of the nation. This was and is till today a politically expedient position for Jammeh. It helps him avoid personal clash with the strong and youthful population while setting us against each other. This helps him politically to triumph at the expense of our differences. A weaker social cohesion is a fundamental and divisive instrument to sustain a dictatorship. Dictatorships may put on a different face but the core fundamentals fuelling its sustenance has always remained the same.

The students of the Gambia University are the latest to be baited. I will only hope your convictions are not persuaded by his empty rhetoric. A mass scholarship offer from the president has been announced. The timely announcement of such an offer should prompt and obvious question. Why now? Why an individual, not the state is taking the glory?  I request you to use your cognitive reasoning to evaluate the reasons such a package has been delivered at this point in time. My advice is to take Jammeh’s words with a pinch of salt. Falling for his baits for the first time is an understandable mistake but a repetition of the same mistake is synonymous to an induced insanity. I am sure most of you have been indoctrinate by his political narratives. Some of you feel he is the ultimate alternative. That he is the best out of all options and The Gambia without him will be wreckage beyond salvation. Dwelling on such premature conclusions is an insult to your personal intellect and ours as a nation. Experiences of other realities will certainly insight a different approach. The truth could not be any clear. Jammeh and his deceptive Government are a fitly stain on our political consciousness.

After the elections most of you will find yourselves trapped between semesters with huge University loans hanging over your heads. Jammeh and his Government are an embodiment of everything characteristic of hypocrisy.  Many students are languishing abroad, trapped in quagmires because Jammeh’s promise of paying for their studies has always been short of the truth. I know time will vindicate me. But when the time comes please do not shift the blame on others. The cliché ‘a word for the wise is enough’ should resonate with you.

What should be the focus of your energies, I presume should be the fight for the standardization of the quality of education, the liberalization of thoughts at the university, freedom of exploring and adventuring into politically sensitive themes with no threat of reprisal, the sanctification of the University environment from the stinking presence of spying agencies and the freedom of access to what should be public information.

Many of you graduating from the University of The Gambia have always been the subject of ridicule. Your educational credentials are hardly recognised outside the country. Your credentials bear little value as compared to others coming from abroad. Jammeh himself hardly appoints you into sensitive Government positions. Those fortunate to secure a job with him, have to tip-toe around him for fear of his wrath. He (Jammeh) has deliberately engineered the collapse of public institutions that empowered the average Gambia to put his government under check.

If the Gambia University happens to be your dear institution, your fight for educational freedom should take centre stage over Jammeh’s politically expedient moves to secure his long stay in power. Try to balance your current financial inabilities with logical reasoning. Do not allow your predicament and emotional stands to be exploited by someone we all know is in power not for the interest of the nation but for the sustenance of his egoistic tendencies.

Written By The Engineer


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