Gambia:Presidential Memo-Islamic Republic State Of The Gambia: Using Religion To Wield Power And Make Huge Money!



TO: His Excellency, SPDA Yaya A.J.J. Jammeh (Babila Mansa), President of the Gambia

FROM: Insider Banjul

Islamic Republic State Of The Gambia: Using Religion To Wield Power And Make Huge Money

Mr. President, as we struggle to come to terms with your recent pronouncement made at a political rally in Brufut on 10th December 2015, transforming our tiny country into an Islamic Republic State, many of us are left wondering what the real motives are for such a drastic move. It was unmistakeable to notice the shocking dismay of bewilderment on the faces of those who attended that rally including your own cabinet ministers, religious leaders, security officers and most of your party supporters. It seems they were all taken by surprise with your impromptu announcements. It all went to show the type of government where you (the only person) who makes all the rules and decisions without input from anyone, always try to embarrass the Muslims of this country. A dictator who up to the time he seized power in 1994 was a Christian, anything he professed in Islam must be taken with a pinch of salt. 

Such a bold and hasty decision would only divide the nation between Muslims and non-Muslims as henceforth anything deemed un-Islamic will be seen as unlawful since all existing laws shall be brought in conformity with the injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Quran and Sunnah. This runs counter to the fundamental principle of secularism which involves the proposition that people of different religions and beliefs are equal before the law, and propagated the strict separation of the state from religious institutions. There is also a huge economic consequence to use “Islamic Republic of The Gambia” in all our official communications, passports, visas, currency notes, coins, and all government documents. The costs of implementing all these necessary changes reflecting the new system will be stupendous and the financial consequences devastating,

You see Mr. President, Gambia had been a secular state since before you were born in 1965 and former President, Sir Dawda Jawara, wo is highly religious (he mastered all verses of the Quran without inventing any title) as a matter of fact, I will not hesitate to say that he is more closer to Allah than you giving all the atrocities you have committed against your own people since you came into power in 1994. But President Jawara never contemplated turning Gambia into an Islamic state. He built a solid foundation for love’ thy neighbour’ and imbued the virtues of tolerance and patriotism to all Gambians. That is why today you are able to mistaken the tolerance of Gambians as fear and exploiting the patriotism built since our Independence from Britain to suborning our constitution, pillaging our resources, undermining the courts, suppressing our basic rights and freedoms as well as the sexual exploitation of our young girls.

Mr. President, the contemporary legal systems of the world are generally based on four basic systems: common law, civil law, religious law and statutory law. Every system will have a legislature that passes new laws and statutes. Our legal system in the Gambia is shaped by our colonial history where the legislature, representing the people, actual makes laws. These elected representatives govern a system called a Republic. Gambia had been a republic since 1973 and any proposal to transform it into an Islamic state must be through a referendum. But declaring the country an Islamic state in a political rally with a timeline that took effect the same day the announcement was made tantamount to total lack of respect to those people who elected you in office and whom you sworn to serve.

Mr. President, the question we want answers are 1) whether there is going to be separate laws for Muslims and new ones for non-Muslims in this country? 2)  How are you going to foot the bill of making all the necessary documentary and diplomatic changes reflecting the new ‘Islamic’ Republic of the Gambia in all government documentation, which obviously is not in the 2016 budget? 3) If the decision is final, how are you going to give the people the opportunity to have their views heard giving that these are the people that elected you in office? 4) What about us, the Christian, is it true that Gambia will never have a president form the Christian or other religious institutions?5) And last but not least, are you willing to introduce term limit for the presidency to give other Gambians with outstanding credentials the opportunity to change the lives of the people and bring hope to them.

Mr. President, now that you are playing God with the lives of the people and portraying yourself as the Caliphate of Bridges, may I remind you that December 16th will be eleventh anniversary when Deyda Hydara was killed at the age of 58 years by your own army guards. Since then no culprit(s) have been identified as those who killed him. A man of Allah like you would not order the blatant killing of a fellow Muslim who had done a lot for Islam in the Gambia. It is time to take responsibility for his murder and ask for forgiveness from Allah.

Finally Mr. President, your Christian name “Jamus” is incompatible with your new role in the Islamic Republic of the Gambia. If the Arabs knew about this they might cancel all proposed funding for the upcoming OIC conference you planned to host in 2017.

God Bless the Islamic Republic of the Gambia!

Written By An Insider, Banjul

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