Gambia: Editorial: The Gambian Dictator, Who Wants To Transform The Gambia, As An Islamic State, Pictured In This Compromising Portrait With A Gambian Girl!


The deranged Kanilai dictator, who announced to transform The Gambia, as an Islamic State, is a certified adulterer.  He sleeps with his staff, female Cabinet Ministers, and outsiders, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. An Islamic State forbids fornication, or adultery of any form. And Yahya Jammeh’s increasing sexual appetite for young Gambian girls, is just unimaginable. Jammeh performs sexual act with women in his office, birth room, Kanilai forest, and occasionally in his wife’s own bedroom. How can such a naughty criminal calling himself a Head of State and also a devoted Muslim, to be the main pioneer of a Muslim State in The Gambia, when he (Jammeh) is a big sinner? Absurd, right!

Gambia, do you remember the case of Fatou Jarrol Jammeh, the girl Yahya Jammeh adopted as his daughter, only to fraternize with her? Take a look at this compromising picture of Jammeh and Fatou Jarrol Jammeh. Does Islamic State encourages this type of compromising pictures? How can Jammeh take a compromising portrait with a girl he calls “ my daughter”?

From the onset, we knew that the “my daughter BS” accorded to Fatou Jammeh by Yahya Jammeh, was a mere decoy calculated to fool his unsuspecting Moroccan wife. Jammeh thinks that once he tells his wife Zeinab Souma Jammeh that Fatou Jammeh is his daughter; that would give him the leverage to fraternize with Ms. Jammeh, without Zeinab having the slightest suspicion of her man cheating on her. Laugh Out Loud. (LOL).

Fatou Jarrol Jammeh’s relationship with Jammeh later went south. The dictator had earlier offered to pay for her educational expenses in the United States after she completed her studies in Taiwan. But Jammeh never fulfilled his promise to Ms. Jammeh. He later backed out! 


It was alleged that one of the reasons why Jammeh sent Ms. Jammeh to the US, was to hide an unplanned pregnancy he had with the Young Foni girl. Ms. Jammeh was resident at the State House prior to resettling into the United States. She now lives in Boston.

Sources reaching this medium intimated that Fatou Jarrol Jammeh applied for political asylum as soon as she parted company with dictator Yahya Jammeh.  It is not clear on what basis she filed for an asylum, but sources said she feared returning to her native country, The Gambia, while Yahya Jammeh is managing the mantle of leadership in that impoverished West African nation.

If Sharia law was to be enforced in The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh would have been the number one casualty. Jammeh’s proclamation of The Gambia as an Islamic State is a joke. Straight up!

The international media, such as the Washington Post, New York Times, Huffington Post, The Guardian, the Independent, the Sun, the Daily Mail, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, should dig into the story of Fatou Jarrol Jammeh.  There are other former Jammeh female bodyguards, who filed asylum in the United States, on the basis of sexual abuse they suffered in the hands of dictator Jammeh.

The media should not be that gullible to run with Jammeh’s cheap claim of transforming The Gambia as an Islamic State, without probing into the moral character behind the phony despot making such claims. Jammeh is not a Muslim. He worships idols. He is playing with the intelligence of Gambians and the world at large. We rest our case!

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