Gambia: Bombshell: The Jolla Hegemony Unmasked!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write my able boss. Fellow Gambians, as much as we blame dictator Jammeh, we must know that monster Jammeh has people supporting and abetting him. Dictator Jammeh cannot be alone responsible for all the atrocities and crimes committed towards innocent Gambians. We have a Jola hegemony RUNNING the country and enablers, who have been supporting and executing monster Jammeh’s dirty jobs. This report will concentrate on the Jola hegemony and in our subsequent reports we will list out the names and phone numbers of all the enablers. The list below have been shared with the international community, these people’s phone numbers and family member names have been shared too. DCC will leave no stone unturned.  

For the record, DCC members come from all tribes in the Gambia. Fellow Gambians, be the referee, judge and make your own conclusion, is this list by accident or by qualification. The list will clearly show that these people were carefully selected to benefit doctor Jammeh, to help him steal, to help him fulfill complete dominance and supremacy. Fellow Gambians, one day when monster Jammeh is arrested he will be charged for tribalism and send to jail for committing hegemony. Does the list below not represent a JOLA HEGEMONY, judge for yourself. Why is everybody in this list a JOLA? All these people will one day face the full force of the international laws:

Dictator Yahya Jammeh – is a monster president and head a of a hegemony and cartel, he is a rapist, murderer, killer, torturer 

Zeinab Jammeh – is devilish and is responsible for stealing a lot of money

Saul Badjie – head of junglers and mafia, murderer and chief thief

Ousman Sonko – the terminator and silent killer

Abdoulie Bojang – Speaker of the rubber stamp national assembly, thief

ML GIBBA – Thief and head of JOLA hegemony, minister of local government and land

Yankuba Colley – mayor of KMC, thief 

Yankuba Badjie – DG of the rogue NIA, torturer, thief

General Borra Colley – head of black black, torturer, killer

Ansumana Jammeh – head thief of KGI

Ismaila Jammeh – minister of agriculture and errand boy

Pa Ousman Jarju – minister of environment, key position to steal money for monster Jammeh

Momodou Badjie – MD of petroleum, silent thief, wolf in a haftan whilst stealing for monster Jammeh

Jimbeh Jammeh – the newly promoted chief pimp, kidnaps and tricks girls for monster Jammeh

Abdou Jarju – no education but the ambassador at Guinea Bissau, money launderer 

Lamin Sanyang – MD of GPA, no experience or qualification, why is he position in a money making entity?

Ousman Badjie – CDS of GNA

Saikou Kujabi – MD of AMRC

Abdou Colley – Minister of finance, helps monster Jammeh steal

Ebrima Sanyang – MD of NAWEC, money making entity

Babucarr Sanyang – MD of Gamtel, money making entity

Lamin Manga – Head of unethical GRTS, chief pimp

Edward Saja Sanneh – Minister of Energy

Colonel Alagy Sanneh – Director of disaster management

Aziz Tamba – chief spy at Dakar embassy

Dr Ansumana Jammeh – no formal education but is a doctor who leads the presidential treatment program

Musa Badjie – director at physical planning, money making entity

Ensa Jesus Tamba – commander Fajara barracks, arrest and detain innocent people

Ablie Jammeh – DG of GCAA

Bakary Nyassi – DG of GIA

Major Landing Tamba – bodyguard to monster Jammeh, torturer and killer

Borry Colley – Chief of protocol

Alieu Sanyang – minister of sports, thief

Captain Gilbert – body guard to monster Jammeh

Captain Pa Ali Gibba – personal body guard to monster Jammeh

Lt. Sohna Badjie – secret mistress of dictator Jammeh

Lamin Sanneh – PS of local government, money making entity

Dembo Badjie – chief of Foni Bondali

Momodou Jejue – Chief of Foni Kansala

Kutobo Sanyang – Chief of Foni Jarrol

Modou Jarju – member of black black

Matarr Jarju – head of spiritual doctors

Malick Jatta – member of black black

Matarr Kujabi – MP national assembly

Abdou Colley – MP of national assembly

Fellow Gambians, the list can go on and on, it will go from Kartong to Fatoto. Do you see a pattern here, is this by accident. Why is dictator Jammeh only appointing Jolas to help him commit crime? He has convinced some of them that if they don’t support him then the JOLA tribe will be in danger and some of them believe this and we all know that this is not true. Gambians don’t practice tribalism but dictator Jammeh is winning in this front. These are the people who have daily tete-a-tete wih dictator Jammeh. DCC has a list of all the former hegemony list, it’s all documented for post Jammeh era. These are the people who RUN the Gambia, the blame cannot be put on dictator Jammeh alone, and we need to be FAIR. These are the same people who want monster Jammeh to run for a FIFTH TERM. NO FIFTH TERM MONSTER JAMMEH, step down, give yourself a RED CARD as you usually do into others. This is no joking matter, RED CARD monster Jammeh, GAME OVER.

In our next report we will list the names of all the enablers such as Momodou Sabally who has been appointed to rebuild monster Jammeh’s image on daily observer. Momodou Sabally have you not been appointed to make sure that only good photos of dictator Jammeh is used on the daily observer newspaper, not only are you the MD but the chief editor. DCC is monitoring you and you shook the hand of a DCC member who actually was one of the top agent who alerted our boss Pa Nderry MBai to call you prior to your arrest so that you can run, but you ignored our advice, just watch and see what will happen to you. Very soon you will be appointed to a higher position as a final bait to your absolute “FALL”.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs. 

Written By The Soldier

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