To make it clear, those fighting the brutal and ruthless Jammeh regime which has long been surviving on corruption leading to economic malnutrition, torture and killing of none- and Gambians leading to a fear state, where no one trust your own internal reflection are not people who hate The Gambia as an entity. They hate the system which has nothing good to offer for her citizenry. They want to remove the dictatorship that has turn The Gambia into a state hopelessness and hunger, oppression, repression and isolation, insecurity and fear to speak one’s opinion.

It is understood that out of frustration many of them might call for certain irrational acts but they are not different with your national assembly who enact any bullshit into law. If you have ever lived in freedom and rule of law, you will understand that they love The Gambia dearly. They didn’t aim anything bad for Gambia, I can bet. They just can’t live with the guilt of allowing a Rat-Bastard to continue micromanaging the affair of the state like his persona. They can’t live with the guild of being alive when Dayda Hydara, Ousman Koro Ceesay, Basiru Barrow, Almamo Manneh, Kaniba Kanyi, Chief Ebrima Manneh, Lamin Sanneh, Njaga Jagne and many more are below the ground and gone for a journey of no return (which we are all scared of) for no genuine reason. They can’t live with the guilt of seen the families of those killed, tortured, maimed and imprisoned when they live with their owns.

The system that does that is the system they hate, not The Gambia. Yet many claiming that those willing to remove the despotic regime in Banjul from power are people who want to bring war. Have you imagine of losing a dear one in such a brutal and inhumane way when your country men/women eat and slumber daily? It’s our reasonability to act as human beings to protect one another against evil force. Have you ever been to court to witness the bogus charges and unfair trial your love ones face?

The pain and the weeping tears of innocent souls while they are being dragged to a dark mosquito invested cells. The thoughts of their food and hygiene, their health and above all how they will be distanced from their daily routines and activities of families and love ones packaged in abuse of fundamental rights. That could be endured but how about those killed or disappeared without trace and the complications of explaining to their growing children? How long can we pretend?

We all know that it is the Jammeh regime which is at war with The Gambia. Jammeh will continue killing at random and at will. The next might be in your family. Your inaction will be your responsibility for losing someone dear to you. It is our right to use anything to remove the regime that has used everything to destroy us. You don’t have to wait for anyone to tell you what to do. It is December and if we can’t bring back those who have laid their lives for our freedom or give them a decent burial, we must continue the fight that they have died for.

The Jammeh regime will be removed and you want to be part of those that have rewrite history and bring sanity to The Gambia. It’s time to do it and do it for once. Be it now or later, The Gambia have to endure that transition of Gambia without Jammeh. The longer we wait, the more damage we will witness and the more complicated the transition will be.

The best time to remove Yahya Jammeh is twenty (20) years ago and the second best is now! You are empowered to do it and do it best. You have the courage and you are equipped to free your people from the cliff of a cancerous ruler. God be with The Gambia.

Written By Musa Bala Darboe

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