Gambia: Power Struggle Grips The State House, As Jammeh Secretly Sneaks To Nigeria!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, UNKNOWN to many Gambians, there is a lot of tension at the state house and we the security personnel knows what’s going on. Unknown to many Gambians, dictator Jammeh, has quietly left the country and has traveled to Nigeria. The DCC Jalangs was able to know this since Monday, but DCC kept quiet for a reason and we will reveal this in the future. But DCC can confirm to you that dictator Jammeh passed by the airport yesterday evening and may return tonight or tomorrow. DCC agent by the name of “brown tile” saw monster Jammeh at the airport. Dictator Jammeh was very angry and refused to greet people at the airport. No guard of honour was conducted and monster Jammeh rushed to the plane and flew to Nigeria. DCC do not know why he flew to Nigeria but we will find out soon. Is it lack of money, is it isolation, is it his health, or something else, but rest assure DCC will reveal to Gambians very soon? 

Fellow Gambians, call your family and they will confirm to you with the number of army officers out at night. There is security everywhere at night, at the airport, barracks and key border points. There is high tension at the state house between Saul Badjie and Musa Savage, and other soldiers that monster Jammeh left behind to make sure that he can return back safely. Saul Badjie and Musa Savage are watching and monitoring each other, this is monster Jammeh at his best, mix, divide and rule. Until monster Jammeh comes back these two people are mentally fighting each other. Dictator Jammeh gave each of them a lot of money.

DCC can also report that devil Zeinab is going to America on Saturday. Lately she has changed the way she travel to America, she will fly to Morocco, France and then America. But DCC can assure you that devil Zeinab is coming for Christmas shopping and will spend millions of dalasis. She will also pick up her daughter Mariama and come home with her. Devil Zeinab you can run but you cannot hide, DCC agents are monitoring you.

DCC is also investigating why ML Gibba was dismissed so fast, is it because Freedom Newspaper reported that ML Gibba is the head of the Jolas hegemony and that he is a strong pillar, did monster Jammeh felt threaten, DCC will file a separate dispatch on this. Monster Jammeh is very unsure of himself and is completely paranoid and confused. Lately he has given directives that not only his photoes show up on the daily observer but all the ministers and everyone. If you pay attention even chickens, dogs and rats are on the front page of the daily newspaper. This is all a trick on the 2016 election. Very soon monster Jammeh will announce that there will be free transportation for all the population, he will promise that he will start drilling oil very soon, he will tell every lie so that he can stay in power, dictator Jammeh NO FIFTH TERM.

Yankuba Badjie this is what a reliable DCC state house reported two days ago. Monster Jammeh said that he has given you a long rope to hang yourself, DCC can attest that your final days are numbered. DCC is warning you, abscond to Senegal and turn yourself in and confess to the whole world with all the atrocities your rogue NIA has committed all these years.  Yankuba you are UNDER monster Jammeh’s watch LIST.

This is The Soldier, RIP Ello Jallow, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs. 

Written By The Soldier

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