Gambia: Yahya Jammeh Arrives In Banjul!


In another development, dictator Yahya Jammeh also arrived this morning in Banjul after returning from his trip to Nigeria. Jammeh was in Nigeria to attend the ECOWAS summit.  ECOWAS has called for term limit for the Presidency. 

Dictator Jammeh has said that he will rule The Gambia for billion years. But due to the country’s collapsed economy, and infrastructure, the dictator is reported to have contemplated quitting the Presidency. Jammeh is not sure about his fate after he quits the Presidency. He has been accused of committing crimes against humanity.  

It has been gathered that something mysterious happened while he was away. The Freedom Newspaper is investigating the veracity of the story.

Jammeh briefly exchanged greetings with the new Nigeria President Buhari. He was all the time hanging out with his Ghanaian counterpart. The other African Heads of State isolated him during the conference.

Jammeh returned home with a deep shock. He doesn’t look happy. He was quickly whisked to the State House. 

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