Gambia: Is General Saul Badjie Dead?


There is a heavy security presence at the Nemasu home of General Saul Badjie, a close aide of dictator Yahya Jammeh, amid speculations that the General has been allegedly murdered together with two of his close henchmen, the Freedom Newspaper has gathered. Armed guards, intelligence agents, and police detectives have sealed off General Badjie’s home. There are security movements within the area.

Earlier yesterday, a caller from Virginia, informed this paper that she received information from Banjul that General Badjie and two others reportedly travelled just like in the case of Daba Marena and four others. The caller believes that there was some form of foul play being perpetuated in the case of General Badjie and co. The alleged incident occurred while the Gambian dictator was away from the country. Jammeh was in Nigeria to attend the ECOWAS Conference.

This paper contacted one of its sources embedded in the Jammeh system to authenticate the veracity of the story, our source asked to be given time to get back to us for more details. After an hour or so, our source reported back to us by stating that all is not well at General Badjie’s home.

“I cannot confirm or deny the report. There is heavy security presence at General Badjie’s Nemasu home. No one here is willing to talk. Something is not right. I saw a soldier running while trying to board a taxi. There is confusion at Saul Badjie’s home. I will get back to you with more details later,” our source said.

General Saul Badjie’s cellular phone is currently switched off.  Repeated phone calls were placed on General Badjie’s cell line but he never answered the phone. The NIA DG’s cell phone Yankuba Badjie was also turned off, when we last phoned him. His Deputy’s cell phone line Lees Gomez is working together with Interior Minister Ousman Sonko. Both numbers are working fine at this hour. General Musa Savage’s cellular phone is also working. 

In another development, a source who reached said: ” General Badjie is alive. He refused to travel to Nigeria with Yahya Jammeh when asked him to be part of his entourage. His relationship with Jammeh is not that cordial. He has not been seeing Jammeh lately. There is some form of discrimination among the Jollas in the army. Jammeh is mixing them.” 

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