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Pa Mbai: It breaks my heart to see that my Beloved Daily Observer does not write such stories of High Public Interest. If I had survived I would have pulled the carpet from under Freedomnewspaper – because Gambians would have continued to bring such stories to me at the Daily Observer instead of sending it to you in America!

Merry Christmas.

Deida Halake


There is a State Guard Soldier, who is in the business of harassing and robbing Gambian semesters, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Soldier Yusupha Ceesay, AKA Machacha, has terrorized and robbed visiting diasporan Gambian holidaymakers by forcefully confiscating peoples’s mobile phones and in some occasions cash.

The latest incident happened on Saturday at the Village, where he was dining with a fellow soldier. Machacha accused three Gambian semesters of secretly photographing him. An altercation ensued between Machacha and the three holidaymakers. He later compelled the visitors to pay him D3,000 dalasi before he would allow them to go home. He also seized the mobile phone allegedly containing his photograph.

Prior to the Saturday village incident, the three visitors met Machacha at a night club. He was accompanied by a female soldier in mufti. The Regimental Military Police was mistaken as a semester. His appearance is deceiving. He drives fancy cars and also had bling, bling chains on his neck.  

One of the holidaymakers was approached by the female soldier in mufti, who begged him money to pay for a taxi to return home. The guy never knew that the lady was a soldier. He also didn’t know that the lady was with Machacha. Machacha was her lookout. He told the lady that he doesn’t have Gambian currency with him. He told her that he only had dollars in his possession.

The lady later developed an attitude towards the holidaymaker.  She forcefully asked the guy to handover the dollar currency he had in his possession. The guy told her to be nice because he was not obligated to give her money. That, he just sympathized with her and was trying to help her out.

The lady, then started to pick up a quarrel with the holidaymaker by making a noise as if the guy was harassing her. Machacha then emerged and pulled up a pistol. Machacha dangled the pistol by threatening to shoot the holidaymaker. Machacha and his female soldier comrade robbed the guy and took off with an unspecified amount of money. The incident happened about two weeks ago. 

Two of the affected semesters are from the United States, while the third one came from Germany. It is alleged that Machacha also seized some army uniform gifts about a year ago from another Gambian visitors from the United States. 

Manchacha is ALLEGED to be an armed bandit, who is disguising as a local Gambian semester.  His ALLEGED BEHAVIOUR is undermining the integrity and reputation of the army. He needs to be investigated. He is ALLEGED to be preying on innocent visitors, who are spending their hard earned dollars, pounds, and Euros by robbing them in broad daylight.

A personnel of the State Guard said: “Machacha used to be a good friend of the President. He is a “toye” or daft of some sort. He entertains the President. He makes him laugh. He is not a military police officer. He works at the State House as RP. He used to work with the plain clothe division of the State House before he was redeployed to the RP. He likes driving fancy cars, and putting on expensive jewelers. He is not a semester. Let his outlook not deceive anyone. He is a fake semester.”

Yusupha Ceesay, drives a vehicle with a registration number “Machacha.” He frequents nightclubs, bars, and high end restaurants. He has been accused of robbing visiting Gambian holidaymakers.  

Written By A Staff Writer

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