As Gen. Saul Badjie Is Feared Dead; Jammeh Dismisses A Close Buddy Of Gen Badjie, Major Lamin Jammeh!


As speculations and counter speculations continued to go unabated about the wellbeing of General Saul Badjie, a close aide of dictator Yahya Jammeh, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report that Major Lamin Jammeh, AKA Karamba Jammeh has been dismissed from the army with immediate effect. Mr. Jammeh, who was shot in the leg, in the wake of the December 30th abortive attack, is the latest officer to be purged from the military. Jammeh was promoted from the rank of Lieutenant to Major, after he helped to quell the late Lt. Colonel Lamin Sanneh failed coup against the Jammeh regime.

lamin jammehAccording to highly placed sources close to corridor of power in Banjul, Lamin Jammmeh, was in the close books of dictator Yahya Jammeh, until recently when the dictator has fallen out with General Saul Badjie and the other Jammeh family. He is a close relative of dictator Jammeh.

Karamba, as he is fondly called at the State House, was General Badjie’s closest henchmen, sources said. He got fired as soon as General Badjie started having problems with the dictator, sources added.

General Badjie was asked by Yahya Jammeh to be part of his entourage to Nigeria, but the General reportedly refused to travel with the dictator. Badjie has since been conspicuously missing in the public view. There are mixed reports about his actual wellbeing. While there are speculations that he is dead, some sources said General Badjie is indeed alive. A source totld us that Badjie is fit and well. Perhaps dictator Jammeh is the one spreading the rumor of Saul Badjie’s demise. Jammeh is fond of throwing his loyalists under the bus each time he wants to liquidate them. A case in point was the late Baba Jobe.  

Over thirty soldiers were spotted at General Badjie’s Nemasu home on Saturday afternoon, but as the day progresses, the soldiers were withdrawn from the property.  There were only three or four guards physically present at the property.

saul-badjieIt is hoped that by latest Monday, the Jammeh government would come up with an announcement to shed light about what actually transpired while Mr. Jamme was away from the country during a trip he made to Nigeria to attend the ECOWAS Summit.

The dismissed newly appointed Lands Minister ML Gibba is said to be a close buddy of General Saul Badjie. He came from the same region with Gen. Badjie. Mr. Gibba hailed from Dobong, while Saul Badjie, whose real name is Karafa Bojang came from Bwiam.

Also dismissed from the State House, was Fanta Jammeh, the daughter of Araba Jammeh. Araba Jammeh is a brother to dictator Jammeh. Araba’s daughter, was hired by the Kanilai monster, to work for him as a Protocol officer. This was the girl, who was involved in a car accident with Ndey Jammeh and co. They were flown to Germany for further medical treatment.

Fanta Jammeh’s dismissal has rendered her family displaced. She and her family used to be hosted in a luxurious house by Jammeh Jammeh. That is no more. The dictator has evicted Fanta, her sisters and mom from that property.

Meanwhile, Ndey Jammeh, the former head of Jammeh’s female protocol staff, and was dismissed few weeks ago, has abandoned her Yaramba home for fear of her life. She has relocated to Kanifing, according to sources. Ndey now lives in Kanifing with some family members.  

Written By A Staff Writer

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