Gambia: NACONF Sports Marred By Violence In Sport; As BCC Policewoman Player Attacked West Coast Region Player!


Sports violence is now becoming a common re-occurrence in The Gambia, Freedom Newspaper sports can report. The latest incident to hit the nation occurred in Jarra Soma yesterday, as the NACONF inter-regional sports had an awful ending. West Coast Region won double against the Banjul City Council, but as the final was marred by violence. The two teams hardly getting along on the football pitch.

A policewoman at the BCC team severely hits a WCR player and the case is now with the Jarra Soma police station, our source intimated. The entire police force present at the ground were mad about the scene of the violence, our source added. The female police officer disrupted the match. There was total pandemonium at the finals.  

“Let wait and see what will come out of this unbelievable action,” said one of our sources on the ground, who forwarded a picture of the incident to a third party source for an on forward transmission to the Freedom Newspaper.

Written By A Staff Writer 

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