Gambia: Yahya Jammeh Is Flying Out Tonight To Guinea Conakry!


Dictator Yahya Jammeh is flying out tonight to Guinea Conakry, according to one of our top sources close to the Kanilai monster. The dictator is expected to leave the country at 4:00 am Monday morning for Guinea Conakry. Details of his trip are scanty at this hour, as our agent is part of the entourage travelling with Mr. Jammeh. Not many people in the country are aware of Jammeh’s impending impromptu trip to Conakry.

The late Father of Yahya Jammeh’s gold digger Moroccan wife Zeinab Souma Jammeh came from Guinea Conakry. The late Mr. Souma hailed from Kindey.
CondeGuinean President Alpha Conde is going to host the Kanilai monster in the next coming hours. Mr. Conde had in the past accuses Jammeh and Abdoulaye Wade of plotting to overthrow his government by backing the in law of Jammeh’s wife, who happens to be a former Information Minister in the late Alasana Conteh government. The former Information is married to Zeinab’s sister.

Jammeh’s trip coincides with an ongoing speculations about the “bad blood” which developed between him and his close loyalists in the army—more importantly General Saul Badjie. Badjie was rumored to have been executed, but our sources have maintained that he is alive and kicking.

According to one close aide of Yahya Jammeh, the dictator is sick and confused at the same time. The aide said the army is how tired of Jammeh’s divisive games and BS.

“We wish him to be toppled before he comes back. He is a sick dog. His sickness is driving him to fly around. I am among the entourage travelling to Guinea Conakry. I hate this man. He is a  disservice to this country. He is Africa’s most useless Head of State. He wants cheap recognition. The other day, the government in Sierra Leone recognized him for donating them half a million dollars to fight Ebola. He wants Guinea too to recognize him. He made similar donations to Guinea, when his own country is starving. He is very shameless,” the insider said.

Written By A Staff Writer

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