Gambia Gov’t Issues Service Passport To A Ghanaian Bush Doctor!


We have long been telling Gambians and the world at large that the administration of dictator Yahya Jammeh is a rogue regime, which has earned its fame through its appalling rights record and corrupt practices. This administration is now issuing Service Passports to nonmembers of Gambia’s security forces. Foreigners are now carrying Gambian Service Passports criss-crossing around the world.

Keep in mind that these are not security agents or diplomats. These are non-Gambian civilians possessing passports that are supposed to be carried by security agents or diplomats.


The latest person to benefit from Jammeh’s sheer corruption and banditry is a Ghanaian man, calling himself an herbal doctor. He is no other person other than Alhassan Ibin Abubakarr.

Mr. Abubakarr resettled in The Gambia as a migrant some years ago. He resides in Brufut, Ghana Town. Ghana town is predominantly dominated by Ghanaian fishermen and sailors. Abubakarr earned his living through fishing. He later ventured into herbal medicine. He claimed that he can cure so many diseases.

Born on July, 9th, 1959, Mr. Abubakarr based on the information available on his issued Service Passport, the Ghanaian born bush doctor became friends with the deranged Kanilai proclaimed HIV/AIDS curer later during his economic sojourn in The Gambia. Jammeh issued him Service Passport in order to facilitate his movements within the region.


The Gambian national documents is worthless nowadays. Jammeh is issuing Diplomatic passports, and Service Passports to his secret mistresses, grand marabouts, and drug dealers.

The international community should focus its attention on Jammeh of The Gambia. He is capable of issuing Gambian passports to terrorists. There is no proper monitoring services that would guarantee that The Gambian national documents will not land into the hands of terrorists.

If Jammeh can issue Service Passports to nonmembers of the Security Forces, and Diplomats, what will stop him to sell our national document.

In Mainland China, and Hong Kong, Jammeh has derived millions of dollars from his illegal passport sale. He issued Diplomatic passports to Chinese businessmen, who are in the business of using poor countries like The Gambia, as a base for tax evasion from their respective countries.

Written By A Staff Writer 

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