Gambia: French Born Gambian Political Activist Vows To Sue President Sall’s Government To The ECOWAS Court For “Illegally Deporting” Him!


The French born Gambian political activist and NTCG Leader Sheikh Sedia Bayo, who was deported few weeks ago from Senegal, by the Macky Sall government, has said that despite repeated assurances by the authorities in Senegal, that he was more than welcome back into the French speaking nation, it turns out to the contrary, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Mr. Bayo was deported to France, on the same day, he landed in Dakar, on the basis that Senegal’s Interior Ministry, was the main mastermind of his deportation to France.

mackySpeaking to Freedom Radio Gambia, during an exclusive interview Bayo, said if he had known that he was going to be meted with such an embarrassing reception, he wouldn’t have visited Senegal, in the first place. He tells Freedom Radio that his visit was occasioned, following assurances given to him and his attorney that he was free to visit Senegal. Bayo said his attorney personally visited Dakar, prior to his trip to clear up some of the issues with the authorities and was assured that he (Bayo) was welcome back into the country.

“A former Prime Minister of Senegal personally phoned me, telling me, that I, was more than welcome back to Senegal. He intimated to me, that the Macky government will not deport me. I had to send my attorney to Senegal, to verify the veracity of such claims. He reported back to me, that I, was cleared to travel to Senegal,” Bayo said.

It would be recalled that Mr. Sedia Bayo was placed under deportation proceedings by the government in the wake of the December 30th failed coup against the administration of dictator Yahya Jammeh. Senegalese authorities said Bayo violated the terms and conditions of his stay in Senegal as a visitor and as such he was detained and later expelled from the country. Mr. Bayo was said to have claimed on Sen TV that he was behind the attack, a claim he later denied. He denied making such statements. He said he was merely exercising his free speech against the dictatorship in Banjul.

sidiaAccording to Mr. Bayo, his problem with the administration in Dakar, was ironed out during a trip President Sall made to France. He said he has met President Sall on three different occasions and the last meeting he had with Sall was in Paris.

“The former Senegalese Consular in France, phoned me, to say that President Macky Sall, was in town, and that I, was invited to meet President Sall. I responded to the Consular’s invitation. When I, arrived at the meeting, he arraigned for a private meeting between me, and President Sall. Macky Sall told me, that I, should minimize the talking if I, visit Senegal next time. He assured me, that I, was more than welcome back into the country, on condition that I, will not be making statements on the media. The other two meetings I, had with President Sall was in Senegal,” Bayo claimed.  Mr. Bayo’s claims of meeting President Sall could not be independently verified by this medium.

Mr. Bayo is of the opinion that the Macky government is under pressure from Banjul to deny him entry into the country. He also said that he doesn’t think that President Sall, was aware of the decision of the Interior Ministry to deport him from the country.

On the same vein, Mr. Bayo is threatening to institute legal action against the government of Macky Sall, if his deportation is not rescinded. He said he was illegally deported from Senegal.

“I am issuing a notice to the government of Macky Sall to reconsider their decision to expel me, from their country. Failure to rescind the decision, I would be left with no other alternative, other than taking them to the ECOWAS Court. Senegal is a signatory to the ECOWAS court. Macky being the Chairman of ECOWAS, he should know better. The decision to deport me without due process was not only illegal, but it violates international law. I was just bundled up and thrown into the same flight back to France. This is absurd and ridiculous,” Bayo lamented.

Sedia Bayo also talked about his intention of presenting himself as a Presidential hopeful in Gambia’s 2016 Presidential elections. He vows to change Gambia’s political dynamics if availed with the opportunity to oppose dictator Jammeh. He maintains that dictator Jammeh got to go come 2016. 

Written By A Staff Writer 

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