Gambia: As Jammeh Fires His Secret Mistress Aisha Fatty; The State House Is On The Brink Of Total Collapse!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, according to a reliable State House DCC agent, monster Jammeh finally dismissed one of her long serving protocol and mistress Aisha Fatty. Aisha Fatty, received her letter early Wednesday morning. This is dictator Jammeh at his best, appoint these young girls as protocols, sleep with them and fire them. These girls are greedy and dictator Jammeh knows how to deal with them. This is the same girl, dictator Jammeh gave $100,000.00 to go fix her ankle problem and at the same time broke her marriage. She was married and dictator Jammeh used money to break her marriage. Aisha Fatty was so powerful that she could fire Ministers or get whatever she wants. Dictator Jammeh is slowly dismissing all the protocols he slept with and do not want to see them near him.

Lately monster Jammeh is sleeping with close family members. We won’t name any girls because dictator Jammeh may do something to them but as we speak there is a GAMO at State House and these young girls are waiting for dictator Jammeh and he will sleep with them after the GAMO. Dictator Jammeh will not stop abusing these young girls and some of them are 15 years old, and they are younger than his daughter Mariama Jammeh. Devil Zeinab is in America so monster Jammeh is bringing both young and married women to the State House, this DCC can confirm to you.

Speaking of devil Zeinab, please tell DUGA not to waste their time to go the compound. Devil Zeinab is now very afraid and is staying at a hotel. Whilst majority of Gambians cannot afford to eat a decent meal this devil first lady is shopping in America, devil Zeinab you can run but you cannot hide. DCC is monitoring and documenting everything, we know the entire entourage you traveled with. Do you want to deny that you are right now as we speak in New York America, we are at the GAMO, but we are monitoring everything? Devil Zeinab, do you want to deny that you traveled with a lot of Moroccans and you are also slowly and surely replacing a lot of the workers at State House with the Moroccans because you told dictator Jammeh too much information is leaking. DCC do not care who you appoint we will get information. Gambians are fed up and will leak information because all you do is bad things. 

Fellow Gambians, some of you may wonder why DCC always criticized devil Zeinab, there is a reason. Dictator Jammeh cares about two people in this world and they are devil Zeinab and his daughter Mariam Jammeh. Fellow Gambians, if you know how much it is costing for Mariama’s boarding school and also the infinite world trips devil Zeinab makes you will be shocked. Dictator Jammeh do not even care about his own mom, if devil Zeinab ask him to bark as a dog, he will go as a dog “WO WO” . This is the woman he believes will provide him sanctuary in Morocco, this is why they build the big compound in Morocco. Fellow Gambians, as we speak there is salary problem in the Gambia. Doctors, nurses, police, teachers, secretaries, and all types of civil servants are not getting their salaries on time and some are not getting their allowances at all. If it was not the banks, no civil servant will receive salaries, the government is depending on “bank overdrafts”.

Besides GPA, GRA and social security, monster Jammeh has appointed a group call “finance foot soldiers” to go to his various businesses and collect all the cash every day before conducting a balance sheet for the day. These finance foot soldiers will just appear at the business and take all the cash and take it to him so that he can use it for his personal use and to provide to devil Zeinab.

DCC can confirm to you that there is no money in the country, monster Jammeh is highly depending on the finance foot soldiers to collect money for him every hour every day. These finance foot soldiers cannot believe this, they used to be soldiers and they have been turned into money collectors foot soldiers. These finance foot soldiers have robbed Gamtel and Nawec and these institutions are officially bankrupt, they don’t have any money. My boss please call Gambians on the ground, if you buy cash power for D1000.00, it will finish before you even know it because dictator Jammeh and the Lebanese are cheating Gambians, just call anyone you know to confirm this. 

Fellow Gambians, as we have reported here, before the election monster Jammeh will attempt to appease Gambians by giving them millions of dalasis. Very soon you will hear that he selected youths in the country and sponsor them for something. Yesterday, he gave the Christian groups one million dalasi because he was briefed that since he declared Gambia an Islamic State, the Christians are not happy. So this money is to fake to them that he cares about them and this is once again monster Jammeh at his best. If you check anyone who is arrested now is release, this is because he has been warned that if he do not stop this will affect the 2016 election. But what some people failed to understand that this mad man is a dictator. Dictators will never change. Monster Jammeh’s taste for power is indescribable, he has tasted power and will never give up power, he will not step down and he has no plans to handover to any successor, this is a dictator, who has also transformed into a monster. Monster Jammeh strongly believes that he is the chosen one to rule Gambia, this is his belief, which is driven by delusions only known to him. Dictator Jammeh believes that he will win ultimate power by force, but he has no more physical will, he is sick, tired and will fall from grace at any time. In the meantime, monster Jammeh is asking those close to him to renew their oath of allegiance and these include DCC agents.

My able boss, we are still investigating why Peter Singhateh is still in the Gambia, we truly believe that he has been brought in to help with the arrest of Saul Badjie and some other senior officers. But like we reported before, UNKNOWN to many Gambians, there is tension at State House and different groups exist and they are plotting against each other. The co-President Saul Badjie is always on offence and defense. The co-President do not use the same vehicle the same day, he is using different government cars because he knows how dictator Jammeh plays. Just watch and see what the final will be. 

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs. 

Written By The Soldier

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