Gambia: Editorial: Santa Of The Islamic State Of The Gambia Yahya Jammeh Wishes You Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to our Christian brothers and sisters around the world. Santa of the Islamic State Of The Gambia Yahya Jammeh wishes you merry Christmas. Christmas means a lot to us Gambians. It is a day, we celebrate in unison with our Christian fraternity both at home and abroad. Christians and Muslims coexist in peace, and unity in The Gambia. We even intermarry. That’s how we coexist here. 

Religious Secularity has been guaranteed by the country’s constitution until recently, when Gambia’s mad dog dictator Yahya Jammeh emerged from his delusional lifestyle that he would transform the country as an Islamic State. That will never happen under our watch. Religion will not decide or change the sovereignty of The Gambia. Muslims and Christians have been living in peace and harmony over years and that trend will continue to exist God willing.

Jammeh has overtime become a laughingstock around the world. His low self-esteem is driving him into attention seeking ridiculous and absurd statements. Transforming The Gambia as an Islamic State is the joke of the Century. 

Our Christian brothers and sisters knew from the onset that Jammeh was daydreaming. Nothing coming from Jammeh’s filthy mouth represents the truth. Jammeh is a pathological liar and a mad dog; straight up! He should get a life and stop the nonsense proclamations. 

Few days before Christmas, Jammeh donated money to the Christian Community on the basis that he wanted them to use the funds to celebrate the day. The move was meant to repair his latest fumble.  For how long will Jammeh continue to upset Gambia’s religious faiths just for the sake of satisfying his lowlife ego? It has now been confirmed beyond all reasonable doubts that Jammeh of The Gambia is insane. He should be declared unfit to run of the office of the President. 

Weeks have passed by and yet there is no bill coming from the National Assembly to legislate for an Islamic State as proclaimed by the deranged Kanilai monster. Now the rest is history. The Islamic State BS was just another distraction coming from a confused buffoonery dictator.

As we enter the year 2016, we call on Gambians both at home and abroad to unite under one platform to usher change for the common good. Yahya Jammeh should be sent packing in 2016. Jammeh represents failure, underdevelopment, instability and above all economic stagnation. Jammeh must go!

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