Gambia: General Saul Badjie Is Under House Arrest; As Jammeh Is Plotting To Frame Badjie And Co, In A Fabricated 2016 New Year Coup!


All is not well at the State House in Banjul, as dictator Yahya Jammeh is cooking up a 2016 coup against his close loyalists, in a bid to liquidate them, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. In coming days and weeks, Banjul is going to be chaotic. The deranged Kanilai monster is determined to strike again, and many officers of The Gambia Armed Forces will be quarantined at Jammeh’s mosquito infested mile two prison execution gallows.

About fortnight ago, the Freedom Newspaper reported about the arrest and subsequent dismissal of Jammeh’s chief bodyguard and orderly Alieu Sanyang. The bodyguard was disarmed by the State Guards, as soon as Jammeh arrived in Banjul after a weekend break from Kanilai. He is now talking. Many folks have been implicated. 

gambia_king_of_gambia_lon102_18615793Now intelligence trickling within the NIA and other security agencies in the country, have intimated that Mr. Alieu Sanyang, has implicated dictator Jammeh’s close henchmen, including General Saul Badjie in his cautionary and voluntary statements to the NIA during the course of the investigations. The same Mr. Sanyang used to work with Jammeh’s driver, Ndey Jammeh, and Jimbay Jammeh to smuggle girls into the State House and Kanilai for sex. They lure girls into the State House for Jammeh to sleep with them.

Mr. Sanyang’s arrest followed a failed attack in Brikamaba, in which dictator Jammeh’s life was said to have been attempted by unknown gunmen. The attackers later retreated into the border situated between The Gambia and Senegal.

Mr. Jammeh has since introduced strict access control system within the border between the two countries. Senegalese private vehicles are now required to produce some form an ECOWAS pass before they would be allowed into the country. The new access control system is causing some form of traffic delay among commuters. Many Senegalese private cars no longer travel beyond Karang.

A Gambian traveler told this medium that they were prevented from crossing the Karang/Amadalai border on the basis that the vehicle that they were travelling with doesn’t have an ECOWAS pass stamp. Hundreds of travelers have been rendered stranded along the border for the past couple of weeks.

macky sallThe Senegalese authorities have not reacted to Jammeh’s latest attempt to deny their private vehicles from crossing the border. The only reaction taken by the Macky government was the recent alleged demolition of properties and farmlands situated at the Tranquil Gambia/Senegalese border. The story was covered by the Foroyaa Newspaper. Some Gambian farmers have complained that Senegalese troops have taken over their farmlands, even though Jammeh’s troops have been stationed along the same border village. 

The Alieu Sanyang case will lead to many arrest as indicated earlier. His boss Yahya Jammeh is also claiming that there was a plot hatched to poison him secretly by his close henchmen. The likes of Ndey Jammeh, and Sanna Jarju, were let go as soon as Jammeh became suspicious of his staff. Ndey Jammeh in particular was dismissed, while Sanna was redeployed to another unit within the State House.

General Badjie, who was the Chief executioner of Jammeh’s orders to arrest the likes of Alieu Sanyang, and co, is now at the receiving end. Badjie is not going to make it in the new Year 2016. His boss Jammeh is acting inconcert with Ndey Jammeh, Sanna Jarju, Alieu Sanyang, and some unnamed State Guard soldiers to throw Badjie under the bus. In fact, Ndey Jammeh has been reinstated back to the State House. She has resumed duties.

Meanwhile, General Badjie is under house arrest. Not many people are aware of his current predicament. He is yet to be dismissed from the army. Like the other suspended security chiefs, Badjie has been partially laid off. Jammeh has snubbed him. He has also cutoff all lines of communications with him.

General Badjie is not the only person being investigated by the NIA. The dozens of top security chiefs recently suspended are also reporting to the NIA. They are being interviewed on a wide range of security related issues. The officers are being quizzed over an alleged security breach involving Jammeh’s security detail. 

A source, who is part of the taskforce to investigate General Badjie’s case said the evidence so far uncovered by the NIA is weak. The source said General Badjie is being falsely framed.

“If General Badjie really wanted to take on Jammeh, he could have done so longtime ago. Oga is just confused. He wants to let go Badjie and now he is trying to mix us. He is cooking up a fake coup that never was. General Badjie is under guard right now as we speak. Oga, may end up being betrayed by the very people that he is using at this hour to fabricate lies against General Badjie. It has reached a point that Oga doesn’t have a loyalist. No one here trusts and believes in him. This is largely due to divisive character,” said our source.

Written By A Staff Writer 

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