Gambia: EX-Career Police Detective Detained On Allegations Of Human Trafficking!


A former career police detective Pa Habib Mbye has been arrested and would be arraigned in court on human trafficking charges, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Mbye was taken into custody by the NIA on allegations of human trafficking, sources said. The former National Drug Enforcement Agency official is yet to be granted bail.

According to sources, Mr. Mbye is helping the NIA with their investigations. Sources said the former police chief is apparently denying the allegations. His family is making arraignments to secure his release.

“Do you know that Pa Mbye has been arrested? He is with the NIA at this hour and may be charged with human trafficking,” said our source.

Human trafficking is a prevalent phenomenon in The Gambia. Young girls are often trafficked to the Arab world for cheap labor. The trafficked Gambian girls later ended up becoming domestic slaves. They are usually sold to Arabs. Thousands of Gambian women are currently stranded in Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and elsewhere around the Middle East. One of the trafficked girls recently died in the Middle East after she was allegedly abused by her slave masters. 

Pa Habib Mbye is a former police detective. He onetime headed the police Serious Crime Unit and later elevated to the position of Crime Management Coordinator.

Despite his longstanding career in the Force, Pa Habib Mbye was never accorded honorable discharge. He was fired on corruption related allegations. The charges were later dropped after he was pardoned by the state. He was recycled back into the system; this time around Mbye, was tasked to be part of the National Drug Enforcement Directorate to help police narcotic and other illegal substances.  He was working with Foday Barry, Ben Jammeh, and co.

After a short stint at the NDEA, Pa Mbye was fired again. Until his recent debacle with the NIA, Pa Mbye, was unemployed. Mr. Mbye is a Banjul native. He joined the Force over four decades ago.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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