Gambia: Sanna Manjang Cries, When Jammeh Asked Him If He Was Part Of General Badjie’s Camp!


Yahya Jammeh is still determined to carry out his plot to assassinate General Saul Badjie. He invited Sanna Manjang today for a private meeting. General Badjie’s name dominated the main theme of the discussions. For those of you, who doesn’t know Sanna Manjang, he is Yahya Jammeh’s Chief assassin agent in town. Jammeh invited Manjang basically to assess his demeanor and loyalty affiliation. He wanted to know if Mr. Manjang was part of General Badjie’s camp. Manjang burst into tears for couple of minutes before responding to dictator Oga Jammeh. He told Jammeh that he was not on Badjie’s camp—signaling that any orders given to him, for General Badjie’s liquidation would be carried out without any hesitation. It was an interesting meeting.  Manjang has reaffirmed his loyalty to dictator Jammeh. He told him that he is at his disposal to execute any mission. 

jammeh_21Mr. Sanna Manjang was away in Nigeria to undergo some military training in the populous West African nation. He returned to The Gambia few months ago. His boss Yahya Jammeh is not really sure where Sanna’s loyalty lies because General Badjie has been coordinating the activities of the jungullars over the years. Badjie had an excellent rapport with Sanna. Jammeh had to call him for a private meeting today to discuss issues pertaining to General Badjie and co.

The relationship between Jammeh and General Badjie have not been that cordial. Just out of the blue, Jammeh decided to snub him. The relationship between the two is strained. Jammeh now bypasses Badjie, when it comes to issues pertaining the State House, the state and he (Jammeh’s) personal security. In fact, Jammeh has placed General Badjie under close surveillance.

Since his return from his Nigeria Army training Sanna Manjang, has been inactive when it comes to executing Jammeh’s missions. He used to brief Jammeh on the activities of the jungulars, but he has since curtailed such briefings.

saul-badjieWhile Yahya Jammeh is plotting against General Badjie, reports have it that the Foni born Karafa Bojang, AKA Saul Badjie, is also mobilizing his boys in the event of any eventualities emanating from the deranged Kanilai monster. Despite his limited Command responsibilities, General Badjie still enjoys huge support in the army, our source said. He is one guy, who is very sensitive to the plight of the soldiers, our source added.

Meanwhile, a source close to Yahya Jammeh said that Jammeh’s grand maraboutm has advised him not to kill General Badjie, because such a move might render the country ungovernable. That, there would be a retaliation from other units within the army.  Our source said Jammeh is still determined to carryout the impending plot.

General Badjie’s own uncle one Musa, was denied access to Asombi Bojang’s home on two different occasions. The guards on duty refused him entry into the home of Yahya Jammeh’s mom.

A Jolla officer close to Yahya Jammeh said: “This man is insane. He is fond of snubbing his workers. For the past weeks or so, he has decided to snub General Badjie. There is a lot of rumors and speculations going on right now. He has been inviting officers asking them silly questions about General Badjie. Each time that he wants to liquidate or fire someone he would resort to such divisive tactics. General Badjie is very aware of what’s going on. We are all watching him. Time will tell.”

Another source said: “Jammeh is very childish.  He fired Ndey Jammeh on the basis that she was “backbiting” him. He said he personally overheard Ndey Jammeh bad mouthing him. He called Ndey to execute some errands for him, and Ndey told him that she was getting dress to meet him. While in the room, Jammeh said he heard Ndey Jammeh saying that he (Jammeh) is very useless; that he (Jammeh) preoccupies himself with sleeping with young girls. He sent Ndey packing upon hearing Ndey bad mouthing him.”

Ndey Jammeh has since been reinstated back to the State House. She has reconciled her differences with dictator Jammeh.

Written By A Staff Writer 

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