Gambia: President Jammeh, The Public Demands Explanation!


Dear Pa: Compliments of the Season.I kindly request you to kindly publish the link below. Thank you in advance: Mai

President Jammeh, Gambians would like you to explain the following:

  1. The source of your astronomical wealthFew years ago, you stated publicly on record that even your grand children, will not be poor. It is clear that your daily expenditure exceeds your annual salary plus all other legitimate entitlements. It is also clear that you assumed leadership as a very poor man. Are you stealing our money or using your position to illegally enrich yourself at our peril? 
  2. You were supposedly “elected” to govern the affairs of the nation, promote and protect public interest and welfare – particularly battling poverty. It seems the only person you took out of poverty since you assumed power over two decades ago, is exclusively yourself. It is clear that your personal business outfit – Kanilai Holdings Ltd– is the biggest in the private sector, stifling all aspects of economic activities in the land. (a)When will your businesses start paying taxes, and import duties? Both customs and port officials (past and present) tell us that you don’t pay dues. (b)When will you stop committing economic crimes?  Tell us, is the presidency a business for you, and The Gambia a company for you to milk dry?Gambians would like you to exculpate yourself from the indictment that you hate our country and its citizens, judging from how you treat our people, and exploit our resources exclusively for you, your wife and children.
  3. Gambians would remind you that the monies you throw around daily to all manner of people is from our national treasury. They would like to know if you ever advert your mind to the inevitable fact that you shall be held accountable either alive or dead someday. Remember, it is not an act of kindness on your part, but a process of heaping evidence against yourself on your reckless handling of our endowment. 
  4. Most Gambians would like you to know that the blanket of fear you spread over the country, using brutality as the instrument of governance, has expired. They remind you that,instead, it is you who now lives in a terrible envelope of fear of themAs a result, they see your hired guns as evidence of your cowardice, something that could back-fire against you, unless you change your ways soonest. Time may be running out.
  5. Gambians would like to know: who do you think you are to keep drumming the threat of death to those who disagree with your political stand? Recently at Jangjangbureh while on a tour, you threatened your opponents with death before 2016 elections. Why must you be obsessed with killing instead of protecting lives? Do you know what would be your own fate before then? They have concluded that the one whose tongue is brooding with threats of death (you President Jammeh) is in reality the one living in extreme fear of death. Some contend it is a psychological revelation of your inner thoughts, and evidence of previous crimes committed. Gambians want your denial or confirmation of this.
  6. Word is going round that you use our national parastatal and municipal agencies as your personal ATM – cash cows. To be specific, they are Gamtel/Gamcel, Port Authority, Nawec, Gambia Revenue Authority, Social Security & Housing Finance Corporation, etc. The belief is that you bought your US$3,000,000 (three million USD) Potomac mansion in Maryland from our national treasury. Can you deny or confirm this?
  7. Word is going round that you used and dumped various finance ministers to acquire foreign grants amounting to millions of Dollars obtained for and on behalf of the Republic of The Gambia and convert/divert them to your personal use. Could you deny or confirm this? Do you think we have the right to ask these questions, or are you God, accountable to none, such that this type of inquiry is categorized treason, incitement or sedition? (To be continued).
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