Gambia: Gambians Take Full Responsibility And Do Not Fail The Gambia!


How easily we can tell others to do something that is not expected of us!! The typical Gambian in us will say something when the heart is saying something else. We easily mislead others to their graves, and yet won’t take responsibility for such actions. The loudest mouth is the most cowardice of all. Listen to yourselves Gambians and you will easily recognize that we are breeding dictators without even knowing it. The greatest of all our blunders as Gambians is praising people, and defending them like they have no faults on their own. Instead of speaking the truth to each other, we look for those who tell us what we want to hear. We don’t criticize ourselves effectively to solve problems, but run to our corners of comfort and rely on friends to defend us when surrounded by controversies we create. The dishonesty in us and the lack of faith is also something that continues to linger in us for a while now. The day we start having honest conversations and disagreeing without alienating one another, then we can move forward. It is rather unfortunate that the more controversies we create, the more credible we think we become. The many different agendas instead of the National Interest is really a sad story. Many think that having a lot of followers is success, but what is success when in times of need people run away from you? Your success is not in the hands of anyone, but what Allah has rightfully prepared for you.

The most unfavorable comments used is that people are trying to get relevant for pointing out the flaws in others. Your relevance is not in people’s hands, and know that you were born ready, and that whatever is meant to be yours shall be yours by God’s grace. Desperate times calls for desperate needs, but have the confidence that you were meant to be, and your survival does not depend on anyone but the almighty. The Gambian is easy to say we are one, but behind closed doors you are sent to the marabouts, or discussed between inner circles. May we have some value left in us cause we are turning into animals without even recognizing it. Our moral fabric of what it means to be Gambian is diminishing at a faster rate than ever before. Change is inevitable, but a sincere and a well prepared change that respects the contributions, and rights of every individual regardless of what political affiliation one has is one that is worth waiting for.

 As much as I would like to see change today, our political maturity is still lacking, but we shall get there by God’s grace. It scares me that the very same principles of democracy we are fighting for are the very same one’s we are willing to deny others due to our emotions we can’t control. I am however hopeful that we will get there cause we are just beginning to wake up. What is still lacking however is recognizing that we need everybody. We say it, but do otherwise. Once we start practicing it, and living by those principles in reaching out across the aisle, and not thinking less of the other person that you are better, we will get there by God’s grace. Until then, we will keep the “us” versus “them” approach and it will only lead to a fragmented people who can’t find the steering wheel. The bus is moving, but no one is in charge of the steering wheel and so we are all over the place. I hope and pray that we start taking responsibility for our actions and redefine what it means to be Gambian. The Status quo needs to recognize that change is inevitable, and it is morally responsible for making sure that it paves the way for peaceful resolutions in order to avoid chaos. We all have a collective responsibility and should not just also leave it all in the hands of government.

Let us stop believing in what we want to believe in and critically analyze situations to it’s reality. We can all move forward by organizing a dialogue, and settling our differences as Gambians. Let us have one recognized leader here in the Diaspora, one body, and speak with one voice. Let us engage the opposition on the bases of a united front, and let us put the National Interest first before anything. Let us honor the fallen heroes and pray for them, and their families. Let us not hide behind their heroism and spill more rhetoric in thinking that we are brave; cause we have already proven to them that we are not them. We owe them and their families the truth. We owe it to The Gambia. We can either destroy or build our country. We all have an equal stake in Gambia, and should not see each other as enemies. We are one people and should not be divided.

 Let us humble ourselves, and know that there is nothing that will happen on earth without God’s knowing. Let us seek deep in ourselves and find the answers we seek. Let us get closer to our creator cause we own nothing on earth, and everything was given to us from the creator. Gambians oh Gambians, let the world not laugh at us anymore. Let us regain our dignity by acting like matured adults, and not make a mockery of ourselves. We deserve better,  but we are not acting any better. It is our problem, and whether we accept it or not, we are a resemblance of our leadership. Our bad behaviors, and lack of tolerance is written all over our foreheads. Let us humble ourselves and help our people back home with sincerity. We should by now have created a credible organization in Gambia, and giving back instead of the many Go fund me accounts. The rest of the world is doing it, so why not us? If we all did our quota, Gambia would have been at a better place regardless of the type of leadership we have. I am fully convinced that we as Gambians can do more and should do more. Let us find concrete solutions and implement them. Let us support one another and stop destroying the smallest ideas out there. Let us stop underestimating one another, and improve on any idea out there. We shouldn’t be this complicated, but unfortunately we are. Let us work for the interest of Gambia and not self, party, tribe, organization, religion, or group.

May 2016 be the best of all past years and may Allah continue to guide us all! May we all have the hearts to forgive one another as we would want God to forgive us!! May the victims rest in peace  and may the families get the justice they deserve. May we all have closure someday, and may the future be brighter!!May God bless The Gambia and it’s people!!

Written By Momodou Njai

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