Gambia: Gambia Gets First Female Presidential Affairs Minister!


Barely less than twenty four hours after he fired his Presidential Affairs Minister Soulayman Samba, dictator Yahya Jammeh has announced the appointment of Ms. Yam Bamba Njie Keita, who now replaces the erstwhile occupant of the post of Presidential Affairs Minister, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Njie got fired on Monday. He was allowed to retain the portfolio of Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service.

In a statement issued late Tuesday evening, the Jammeh State House said Mr. Samba has been replaced by Ms. Yam Bamba Njie. Ms. Njie was the Principal Assistant Secretary at the Personnel Management office (PMO), prior to her appointment as Presidential Affairs Minister.

Ms. Keita is the first female appointee to occupy the position of Presidential Affairs Minister. Sources said the dictator is running out of people to hire nowadays.

The former occupant of the post Lamin Nybally was fired few weeks ago and placed under NIA custody. Nyabally was accused of negligence of duty. This followed allegations that he failed to process a request from the Ministry of Health to repair the Basse health center. Health Minister Omar turned in Mr. Nyabally to Yahya Jammeh, as soon as the dictator complained about the deplorable environmental sanitation at the health center.  

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