Gambia: The Balance Between Sovereignty And International Intervention In A Non -Strategic And Poor State: Such A Gambia!


Powerful states and the leaders of such states will always act in the primordial interest of their nation, this is a natural phenomenon, and the preservation of group self-interest comes first. In the process of preserving ones groups interest, all powerful and capable states regardless of their regional locations or multilateral relationships, the basic urge and reflex to project power in their bid to further secure their group interest, will always override all instinctive selfish interest of non-interventional members and attitudes within these powerful states.

sovereignty is the internationally agreed upon speed bumps put in place to slow the unwelcome intervention of powerful states, thought one could easily argue same applies to all perceived weaker states. However I will argue otherwise, because in the normal cause of event all weaker states are expected to understand the limits of their strength, therefore in all probability weaker states are incapable of imposing their will on to the stronger state. Sovereignty therefore is set in place solely to protect the weaker state from the all mighty stronger and more powerful state. Often the regional power house and most often the neighboring states,

In the case of Gambia, Senegal happen to be that all powerful state next to Gambia. As mentioned earlier all existing rules of engagement between Senegal and Gambia on the soils of Gambia will always favor Gambia government, sovereignty therefore forbids friendly or unfriendly intervention under all conditions in the absence of wholesale chaos. Based on my analysis of all known international intervention as it relates to the sovereignty of any nation it is therefore very fair to argue as well as to theorize that

In the absence of wholesale chaos, sovereignty will always overrules all attempts of international intervention into a poor states. Conversely in the presence of wholesale chaos, foreign intervention will always overrule sovereignty in a poor state.

The exception to this rule is the phrase ‘poor state’. in the presence of possible of wealthy or interest   in the eyes of the much more powerful state, sovereignty could be overruled by the strategic interest of  the stronger states, this will always be interpreted as an invasion or an act of war. Gambia being a ‘poor state ‘  Senegal or any of the international power house are bounded by the laws of sovereignty and therefore cannot and will not intervene in the affairs of Gambia in the absence of wholesale chaos.

However should any forms of whole scale chaos exist in the grounds of Gambia, Senegal and the rest of the international community are all bounded and obligated to overrule Gambia sovereignty and thereby forced to intervene.

The conclusion here is civil resistance, citizen revolts and peasant revolts in whatever forms they assume, would be considered as ground to declare conditions on the ground in Gambia as chaotic, which in turn will provide the necessary legal conditions to trigger and facilitate international intervention.  Senegal or ECOWAS will have all the reason to intervention and inject themselves into the Gambia under the cover of reestablishing normalcy.

Written By Dr. Samuel B Artley. DMD, FAGD

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