Gambia: Gambia Gov’t Allays Growing Public Fear; Following Freedom Radio’s Reportage Of High Cost Of Rice In The Country; Amid Food Crisis!


Following our Tuesday radio news analysis program exposing dictator Yahya Jammeh’s failed Vision 2016 food security dream, amid growing hunger in the country, the deranged Kanilai monster, has dispatched his GRTS propaganda outlet to help allay public fear by interviewing his farm manager at the Jahali Pacharr rice fields Major Seedy Baldeh, the Freedom Newspaper can report.  GRTS’s Ebrima Baldeh, was dispatched to Jammeh’s farms in Pacharr, to help assess the situation of rice production in the area, in an attempt to fool the starving population. The Jammeh Vision 2016 food security delusional dream, is not only an abysmal failure, but also a false promise calculated to deceive a starving nation.  

Rice fields 2Going by Ebrima Baldeh’s reportage, the Gambia imports one hundred and forty four tons of rice annually. Rice accounts for the nation’s main food import. This is largely due to one fundamental reason: That rice is Gambia’s main staple food.

Faced by a collapsed economy and infrastructure, characterized by massive foreign exchange shortages, the autocratic Jammeh regime, will no doubt be unable to import rice and other basic commodities in 2016. The regime’s finances are drying up. There is no indication that the current economic turbulent would be brought to an end.

Hence, the idea of Vision 2016 food security was ushered by the mad dog dictator. Jammeh’s farms cannot feed the nation. In fact, farm workers, who have been transformed as modern day slaves by the dictator, have started complaining. They have been working for long hours without any monetary compensation from Jammeh. They are also not properly fed.

If farm workers are underfed, how the hell can the much hyped Vision 2016 food security be achieved? Jammeh should visit his farmlands and see for himself, how malnourished his workers are.

rice fields 3Farm Manager Major Seedy Baldeh, told GRTS’S Ebrima Baldeh that the expansion of the Jahali Pacharr farmlands have begun in earnest. He noted that the goal was to end rice importation into the country. Mr. Baldeh also claimed that in six months, they were able to produce more than Gambia’s annual rice importation. Lies, lies, lies! 

“Within six months, we have covered the annual tons of rice imported. We produce 70,000 tons of rice every three months. This includes both the dry and rainy season,” Major Baldeh claimed.

Agronomist Malick Secka, observes that with an additional expansion of the rice fields, he is optimistic that the proposed food security would be accomplished.  He contradicted Major Baldeh’s assertions. 

“We can make it happen.  If we can cultivate an additional 4 to 5 hectares, we should be able to make it,” Mr. Secka said.

The GRTS reporter Ebrima Baldeh, ended his report by making a far fetched commentary—stating that despite the pessimism being expressed in some quarters about the realization of such a wishful dream, all indications suggest that the Vision 2016 dream, is now becoming a reality. He also reported that some bulldozers were stationed on the farm to further expand what was onetime categorized as a nursery to a full blown farmlands.

Written By A Staff Writer 

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