Gambia: Breaking News: ISIS Massacred Over 300 West African Migrants In Libya On New Year’s Day; Gambian Migrants Account For The Chunk Of Those Killed!


Over three hundred West African migrants were massacred on Friday, in Libya in cold blood by the terrorist group ISIS, the Freedom Newspaper has gathered. The migrants were rounded up at a slum very close to the sea in Tripoli, where they were hosted by human traffickers destined to be trafficked to Italy, sources told this medium. Armed ISIS terrorists raided the slum on Friday, New Year’s Day, and executed the migrants in grand style. Among the executed include: Gambians, Senegalese, Nigerians and other West African nationals.

Speaking to the Freedom Newspaper, Lamin Khan, a Gambian based in Germany, said he received a phone call from one of the escaped migrants, one Sarahule man, who goes with the first name Omaro. Mr. Khan said Omar explained to him, how the ISIS terrorists raided the slum and executed the migrants—numbering over three hundred of them. Omaro, he said, was able to secretly photograph the execution of the migrants by the ISIS terrorists. Khan also said the ISIS flag was displayed during the execution of the migrants.

“This is too stressful. They killed a lot of people, including Gambian migrants. The man speaking on the audio is Omaro. He is speaking in the Sarahule dialect,” Mr. Lamin Khan told the Freedom Newspaper.

“We are still trying to gather more information in regards to the ISIS execution of the migrants in Libya. I tried calling Omaro, but his cellular phone is off. Their phones are off at this hour. I will send you any information I receive from the survivors of the terrorist attack,” Mr. Khan said in a Viber message to this paper.

According to Mr. Khan, there is no exact figure about the number of Gambians killed during the ISIS New Year strike in Libya. He added that based on the information he gathered from one of the survivors Omaro, a good number of Gambian migrants were killed. Mr. Khan said Omaro’s brother is his roommate in Germany. He said he is devastated by the incident.   

Over the years, thousands of Gambian youngsters—men and women, including members of the country’s security forces, have left the country in search of greener pastures in Europe, through the risky back way sojourn. The majority of those fleeing the country had to do with economic hardship, political persecution, and the never ending dictatorship under Yahya Jammeh’s watch.

The back way syndrome, has claimed many Gambian lives. Some of the migrants died in the Sahara desert, while others often die in sea. ISIS on Friday, raided the slum, where the migrants were awaiting to be trafficked to Europe and killed them in a mass execution mock. 

The European Union has been working vigorously to clampdown on the illegal migration, but the problem still remains unresolved. Human traffickers are still using Libya as an outlet to traffic West African migrants. Libya has been rendered unstable since the fall of that country’s late Defacto dictator Muammar Gaddafi. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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