Gambia: The True Story Behind Ebrima Jawara’s Reinstatement; An Insane Dictator Losing Grip Of The Country!


It was on Tuesday, when dictator Yahya Jammeh, ordered for Ebrima Jawara, the embattled son of former President Jawara to be escorted to the State House. The invitation, followed an additional charges filed against the former Agriculture PS. Ebrima was accompanied by his brother Foday Jawara, who is visiting Banjul at this hour. Foday, is in Banjul to see his Dad President Jawara, who is not very healthy due to an old age.

Foday Jawara was received on arrival at the State House by the guards on duty, including the members of dictator Jammeh’s protocol team. He was seated for sometime before a clerk showed up to hand over a letter to him for an onward transmission to his brother Ebrima Jawara. All this time, Ebrima Jawara was waiting in the vehicle while Foday, was in the State House, to meet with Oga’s boys.  He handed the letter to Ebrima Jawara.

To the chagrin of Foday, Ebrima Jawara, and the family, Ebrima was instructed to report back to the State House with immediate effect; this time around to take up employment as Perm Sec number two at the very Department, he, was accused of embezzlement and other alleged corrupt practices. He was also informed that all charges brought against him by the State have been dropped.  The decision to free Ebrima Jawara and reinstate him back to the State House, was unilaterally made without consulting the Attorney General’s Chambers or the Inspector General of police.

To, many here at the State House, Yahya Jammeh is no longer in charge of the government. He is believed to be insane. He often takes rash decisions without weighing its ramifications. Everyone ins laughing at mad dog Oga! He has lost his damn mind! 

Like in the case of Ebrima Jawara, Jammeh reinstated the dismissed Lands Minister Momodou Aki Bayo, barely two weeks he was fired. ML Gibba, was named as Bayo’s successor, but he never lasted long in that post.  

Aki Bayo, was fired shortly after returning from an overseas trip. He was said to have been delegated to travel to Saudi, and his mission was partly successful. Jammeh rescinded his decision to fire him, after he was told that ML Gibba was not pleased with the position accorded to him.  

Jammeh reinstated AKi Bayo,  after he, was told that ML Gibba said he doesn’t want the position of Lands Minister. That he wanted another position different from the Lands Ministry. ML Gibba still wants to head the ports. That’s where the money is, our source said. 

His relationship with General Badjie is not that cordial. He wants ridiculed Badjie, when Jammeh assigned General Badjie to investigate the situation of the ferries at the ports. ML Gibba refused to cooperate with Badjie during the investigations. He asked his Deputy, who is today the MD of ports to talk to Badjie and co. The present MD of ports is a close buddy of General Badjie.

Until few weeks ago, General Badjie, was the main man firing the shots at the State House. He determines, who should be fired and rehired. We cannot attribute the firing of ML Gibba to General Badjie, but what is evident though, the two hardly get along. They are both from the same region in the Fonis. General Badjie hails from Bwiam, while ML Gibba came from Dobong.

Since Yahya Jammeh is suffering from an infamy of mind, some of his closest aides are trying to proof a point to Gambians and the world at large that Jammeh is no longer in charge. This is evident on Jammeh’s erratic decisions.

Now how will Jammeh’s Justice Minister Chick Madam Mama Singhateh feel after wasting state resources to prosecute Ebrima Jawara, only to reinstate him, in the very position he, was accused of embezzling millions of dalasis? Clear case of stupidity, right? An insane man, calling himself a head of state is at the helm of affairs at the State House. What a joke Gambia! 

Written By A Staff Reporter

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